Increase sales. Decrease theft. Improve profits.
InVue’s innovative OneKEY provides retailers the security, merchandising and analytics necessary to increase sales, decrease theft and improve profits.

“The OneKEY ecosystem has allowed us to operate more efficiently on the sales floor and serve customers more quickly. Everyone having their own key means no one has to share keys, which protects our associates as well as our assets.”

— Carla Stoica, Regional Commercial Coordinator EPCS, Carrefour

Exclusive OneKEY ecosystemTM

A security and merchandising ecosystem designed to increase sales, decrease theft, and improve safety.

Improve Customer Service

Empower employees to better serve customers with single key access, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise.

Industry Leading Security

Assign a unique code per store, 12 hour time-out feature for greater protection, and ability to create zones and audit employee use.

In-Store Visibility & Analytics

Monitor, understand and manage associate interactions through retail analytics. Know who did what, where and when.

Committed to the long-term success of our customers.

Big Box / Hypermarket

Improve customer service and dramatically boost sales with OneKEY.

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Mobile Carrier

Improve customer service and dramatically boost sales with OneKEY.

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Point of Sale

Combining tablets, payments, and applications for better service and increased sales.

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CE Brands

Creating custom solutions that ensure an ideal experience at retail.

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Data Centers

Prevent unauthorized interaction or tampering with sensitive data center hardware.

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What our customers have to say:

T-Mobile on InVue's mobile POS solution

T-Mobile on InVue’s mobile POS solution.

“The InVue CT300 provided the unique combination of power, mobility and security along with integrated payment capabilities that shortened the time per transaction.”

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Office Depot
The benefits of Access Manager

“InVue technology has been real beneficial for us, especially with merchandise display. It’s user friendly and doesn’t require any training. The best thing about InVue’s Access Manager is ease of use, the reporting and tracking of keys.”

Best Buy
Cross-Merchandising to increase sales

Cross-merchandising to increase sales.

“Before the InVue installation, we sold on average just one smart watch a month. Since installing the Series 1060 and cross merchandising smart watches with smartphones, we’ve had increasing sales. Month over month.”

— Scott, Best Buy Mobile Department Manager

Bic Camera
Transforming the shopping experience with the OneKEY ecosystem

Transforming the shopping experience with the OneKEY ecosystem.

“The OneKEY ecosystem™ delivered amazing results, more than expected. We’ve had almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.”

— Bic Camera Inc.

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Insight is providing H3G visibility to in-store activity

Insight is providing H3G visibility to in-store activity.

“We were able to scale from four stores to 300 stores without any modification to the backend and without integration. Managing 300 stores is just as easy as managing four.

— H3G on MicroSigns Software

Reduction in shrink in stores with Helix Hooks

We have seen a 51% reduction in shrinkage in stores with Helix Hooks vs. those without.

“We believe that Helix Hooks are a great solution to supporting with Shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have Helix Hooks versus stores without Helix Hooks we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 51% on the high-risk areas that we use them. We encourage our high and medium risk stores to use their expenses budget to purchase Helix Hooks from InVue.”

— Richard Finn, Tesco Shrink Operations Manager

Media Markt
Highly recommend Series 850 and Zips

Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! Highly recommended!

“We have chosen to install InVue Series 850 and new Zips on our phones and watches in the shop in the Galleria in Stockholm, because we had problems with our old alarms. After using the alarm for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! Highly recommended!”

— Michael Luks, Media Markt Head of Telecom


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