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Elevate the fan experience with seamless customer service.

Happy African American parents and their kids buying tickets at concession stand in sporting goods arena.
Flexible Checkout Options

Equip your best concession hawkers with the most reliable mobile POS solution on the market using contactless payment options.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Enhance the customer experience by providing seamless on-the-go pickup options for concession and merchandise sales.

Efficient Service

Reduce wait times at your busiest concession stands with self-service options.

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“The functionality and quality of [InVue’s] solution is superior to any other product we’ve looked at. It has exceeded the expectations of our business operations and our partners with its performance and durability.”

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Deliver flawless service before, during, and after the event.

In-seat ordering

Allow fans to purchase concessions without ever having to leave the comfort of their seats.

Grab and go ordering

LIVE Locks helps fans skip the lines by combining mobile ordering with secure, self-service pick up.

Full-service restaurants

Using a handheld device or fixed display, servers can accept multiple forms of payment for sales transactions.

Merchandise Sales

Meet customers wherever they are in store and assist customers in purchasing their favorite fan gear.


Manage transactions for pop-up concessions and merchandise booths without bulky cabling.

Featured Product
The NE360C provides point-of-sale solutions for the entire venue.

With a variety of ordering channels (in-seat, self-serve, and mobile), have the freedom to serve your customers anywhere in your entertainment venue.

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The complete fan experience starts here.
  • Cut down on congestion and wait times at the concession stand with contactless and cashless ordering options

  • Using multiple touch points, you can better understand and engage with customers throughout their fan experience

  • Efficiently handle large throughputs and increase sales by allowing multiple people to retrieve orders at the same time

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Does InVue offer contactless point of sale options?

Yes, our point of sale solutions offer contactless payment options, including the convenience of tap to pay and contact-free pickup solutions. Additionally, our solutions are equipped with mobile app capabilities that allow customers to make payments with a simple tap on their mobile devices or contactless payment cards. Additionally, we provide a contact-free pickup service using secure lockers. After completing their payment through the mobile app, customers can unlock their designated locker to access their purchases. This seamless and secure experience is designed to enhance customer convenience and safety.

How can InVue point of sale products promote faster transaction times?

Offering contactless payment methods, including tap to pay, allows customers to complete transactions more quickly, reducing the time spent at the checkout or with hawkers. InVue point of sale products can also be used as self-checkout kiosks with straightforward interfaces allowing customers to complete transactions independently, further reducing cashier involvement and wait times.