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Technology for the future of in-person banking.

Banker is assisting a customer with financial requests using NE360C payment center.

Secure, commercial-grade products that are easy to deploy and simple to use.


Personalize the account holder experience and ensure confidentiality.


Reduce wait times, improve transaction time, and streamline operations with ease.

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The NE360C provides point of sale solutions for secure banking.

Award-winning mPOS system offers the freedom to choose any device, any payment terminal and any operating system.

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Revolutionizing banking with seamless transactions that reduce customer wait times.
  • Provides a seamless check-in process for upcoming financial appointments at a self-serve POS terminal

  • Customers get quick access to financial information like account balances and recent transactions

  • Bankers can collect contactless and digital payments, promoting cashless transactions, and reducing the handling of physical currency

  • Personalize the customer experience by using mobile POS options to greet and queue customers upon arrival

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How can a POS system benefit our bank?

InVue’s POS solutions can streamline banking operations, reduce customer wait times, and enhance self-service options leading to improved customer service and efficiency.

Are InVue’s POS solutions customizable to our bank's specific needs and branding?

Yes, our POS systems can be customized to reflect your bank’s branding. They can also be programmed to offer specific functionalities including the freedom to choose any operating system, any software solution, and any payment device.

What is the typical lifespan of a POS solution, and how often should we consider upgrading them?

InVue’s POS solutions help avoid costly upgrades by providing the flexibility to update to any operating system and software. This maintains the integrity of the unit for longer and allows for increased scalability.