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Hanging Merchandise Security


Economical self-service product dispenser.

Prevent Sweeping

The time-delay dispenser prevents “sweeping” by requiring several turns of the knob to dispense a product.

Create Accessibility

Keep items stocked and readily available for consumers without locks and keys.

Rapid Restocking

The design allows for store associates to quickly and efficient restock merchandise.

Loss Prevention Research Council

Helix technology reduced shrink by as much as 82% and increased sales by 32% across four different merchandise categories in a popular pharmacy and office supply store.


Features and Benefits

Small everyday items are prime targets for retail theft—now you can protect them from thieves, but not your customers with the Helix. The keyless peg hook has a winding knob dispenser that is sturdy and universally recognizable.

  • Helix design protects merchandise from “sweeping”

  • Time-delay dispenser releases one product every 6 to 8 seconds

  • Employees can restock products quickly and efficiently

  • Helix cannot be removed from pegboard without specialized key

How does the Helix protect merchandise from theft?

Because the knob must be turned twice to release a product, it prevents potential thieves from taking all merchandise at one time, which is referred to as “sweeping.”

What mounting options are available for the Helix?

The Helix can be mounted to pegboard walls.

What is the coil spacing on the Helix?


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