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Sell-Thru Merchandise

OneKEY Bottle Cap

Protects bottled merchandise from theft and on-site consumption and cannot be defeated by magnets.

Prevents theft

Prevents theft and on-site consumption of wine and/or bottled spirits.

Easy application

One button push to lock and quick tightening and removal process.

OneKEY security

Integration with InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem.

The only bottle security that cannot be defeated by magnets.

Featuring easy application and tightening functions

Secures high value bottles with a one-button push and twist without damaging foil covers

OneKEY Bottle Cap is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem—a storewide single-key solution that reduces theft, improves store efficiency and increases sales.
OneKEY™ ecosystem
Features and Benefits

The OneKEY Bottle Cap saves valuable associate time with quick fastening and removal, and decreases shrink for high value bottled merchandise.

  • Provides AM or RF gate detection

  • Three sizes available — small, medium, large

  • Easy application and tightening process

  • One-button push to lock

  • Clear cap reveals bottle wrapping and protects against on-site consumption

How do I know what size bottle cap to order?

Select the bottle cap that allows you to cover the largest diameter at the top of the bottle.  There are also AM and RF options to fit your EAS deployment

Does the OneKEY Bottle Cap work with EAS systems?

Yes, when ordering a OneKEY Bottle Cap, you will need to specify AM or RF.

How is the bottle cap removed?

By using an InVue OneKEY or the OneKEY Detacher at the point of purchase the bottle cap will loosen for removal.

How does the bottle cap stay on a bottle?

As you twist the clear acrylic top, the bottle cap’s cable will tighten on the product, preventing it’s removal without an authorized OneKEY.

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