Protect High-Value Merchandise with InVue’s Safer
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Sell-Thru Merchandise Security


Protect high-theft merchandise in a secure transparent polycarbonate box.

Multiple security options

Enhance security options by incorporating integrated, pull-resistant hang tabs with Safers, or opt for additional security with secured peg slots.

Full visibility

Strong transparent polycarbonate allows customers a full view of the merchandise and information on packaging.

Multiple sizes

With many available sizes, Safers accommodate a wide range of merchandise.

Fully visible. Fully secure.

Designed for both on-shelf and hanging merchandise, Safers provide 360° of visibility and protection

Reinforce security with locking peg hooks. Safers are the perfect solution for unlocking merchandise and going right to checkout

Safers are part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem—a storewide single-key solution that reduces theft, improves store efficiency and increases sales.
OneKEY™ ecosystem
Features and Benefits

Safers provide a secure enclosure for general merchandise that can be easily concealed and prone to theft.

  • Part of the OneKEY ecosystem

  • Safers provide a complete enclosure designed to fit and protect today’s high value merchandise

  • Safer hang tabs add additional security layers when used with InVue secure fixtures

  • Multiple Safer sizes available to accommodate a wide range of product shapes

  • AM or RF gate detection

  • Optional integrated peg slots to secure merchandise to a locking peg hook

  • Safer is crystal clear and allows shoppers a full view of the merchandise and information on packaging

  • Safer is best for reusable security for high value products that have weak packaging or easily defeated hanging tabs

What Safer sizes are available?

A wide variety of sizes are available.  Please utilize the contact sheet below and InVue will advise the recommended size for your merchandise.

Should Safers be used on peg hooks, or just open display merchandise?

If an additional layer of security is needed, is it recommended to put hanging merchandise in Safers.

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