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Sporting Goods

Merchandising and security for sporting goods.

Universal Use

Secure all types of sporting goods and accessories, including soft goods, clothing, equipment, smartwatches, fitness bands, and more.

Create Accessibility

Increase sales by keeping merchandise secure, but still easily accessible to customers using our security devices.

Upgrade Store Plan

Create a more efficient and inviting in-store planogram that doesn’t require constant monitoring for theft.

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Cable Lock

Athleisure is a popular item for theft—keep your soft goods safe with a security solution that can’t be defeated by magnets.

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Features and benefits:
  • Secure anything from athletic wear to camping equipment with InVue’s security solutions

  • Get in-store behavior analytics with a wide range of security products

  • Use insights to better plan store layout, prevent theft, and increase sales

  • Reduce customer wait times

  • Scale solutions as your inventory and product offerings grow

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How can I effectively display my sporting gear while keeping it secure?

To safely display all your sporting gear, you’ll need to use a variety of security solutions, and InVue has specialized solutions for nearly all types of sporting goods. For example, soft goods like clothing, tents, baseball mitts, bats, and other similar items, can be secured using our Cable Lock. It attaches to oddly-shaped items just like a tag and is compatible with OneKEY™ technology to be quickly unlocked at the register.

For packaged goods placed on shelves, our Package Lock is a perfect fit. It cannot be defeated using magnets and fits small and large packages.
InVue also has security solutions for hanging merchandise, electronics like smartwatches, and much more. Contact us to get personalized recommendations on the best items to fit your merchandise.

What types of security measures are most effective for high-traffic sports stores?

For high-traffic sports stores, it’s important to first have an efficient planogram/store layout that guides customers where you’d like them to go so it’s easy to navigate and locate products.

Adequate lighting, cameras, and using InVue’s security products on high-theft items are all equally important. With industry-leading security solutions for any type of merchandise, you can secure any type of retail merchandise.

Are there any visual merchandising strategies that can also deter shoplifting in a sports store?

A store planogram that puts high-value items in highly visible areas or near the cashiers is a simple and effective way to deter shoplifting. In addition, adequate lighting and the use of cameras also deters theft.