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Hanging Merchandise Security


Self-service product dispenser for convenient customer access.


The T1000 dispenses a single product at a time with a 5-second delay preventing product sweeping.


The simple push-button design allows customers to get access merchandise without requiring associate assistance.

Easy Installation

Install quickly on pegboard, slatwall and hangbars without tools.

For use on pegboards (shown above), slatwalls, and retail mounting bars

Designated space for price tags

Features and Benefits

The T1000 is the perfect solution for preventing product sweeping. Keep products accessible to shoppers, but protected from theft with a universally-recognizable push-button design. Because it’s self-service, it drastically cuts down on wait times and gets customers in and out.

  • 5-second time-delay dispenser prevents product sweeping

  • Easily install and remerchandise according to your store’s planogram

  • Built-in panel for price stickers

  • Interchangeable coils fits different sized product packaging

  • Merchandising space let’s customers replace items they don’t want

How does the T1000 dispenser prevent theft?

After the first dispense, T1000 dispenses a single product every 5 seconds. Because of the time delay, potential thieves cannot sweep rows of merchandise at once.

How long does it take to install the T1000 dispenser?

The T1000 dispenser takes less than 2 minutes per position to install.

What types of products can I hang on the T1000 dispenser?

The T1000 is perfect for displaying small everyday items that are easy to conceal and popular targets for retail theft.

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