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Integrate smart and discreet security devices into retail store fixtures.

Security Solutions for Fixture Installers

When building custom retail store fixtures for your clients, security can be an afterthought. Most retrofitted retail security devices are not discreet, can be costly, and compromise the store aesthetic. Partnering with InVue can enhance the functionality of retail displays and provide you and your clients a competitive edge that effortlessly complements store fixtures and provides reliable loss prevention and access control.

Smart Lock Advantage

With Smart Locks, fixtures will have a security solution that is easy to integrate and will save retailers time and money versus retrofitted options.

Maintain Aesthetic

Our retail display devices and locks are sleek and minimalistic to seamlessly blend with any fixture and secure any merchandise from electronics to luxury goods.

Bespoke Solutions

Smart Locks and OnePODs for retail fixtures provide top-tier access control and can be unlocked using a retailer’s current smart devices or with our single-key system.

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Smart Locks

InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem is a storewide single-key solution that reduces theft, improves store efficiency and increases sales.

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Sleek and secure retail store fixtures

You design the retail store fixtures for displaying merchandise and we design the products that secure them. Streamline the process of designing, building, and installing retail fixtures by Partnering with InVue to provide everything retailers are looking for all in one place.

  • Can be used with any fixture for any industry including health and beauty, apparel, luxury goods, sporting goods, home improvement stores and more.

  • Discreet solutions can be seamlessly integrated into fixture designs or retrofitted.

  • Give customers peace of mind with not only aesthetic but secure retail fixtures.

  • Customers can use a single key or existing smart devices to unlock any store fixture.

  • Easily scale solutions as customers require more fixtures.

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