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Payment Terminal Docks & Chargers

Ready for every transaction.

Multi-function cradles keep payment devices charged and ready.

Use any payment device

We have payment cradle options that can support any card reader or payment device including major brands like Ingenico and Verifone.

Accept more forms of payment

More than 80% of purchases worldwide are made using a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet—accept all forms of payment so you never miss a sale.

Stay charged & connected

Payment devices stay charged and maintain reliable connection so there’s no lagging when accepting customer payments.

Ready for every transaction

InVue’s payment device cradles and chargers ensure your POS systems are ready to take customer payments at any time, so you never miss a sale.

  • Ingenico Moby/8500 payment cradle

  • Freestanding, slip-resistant base

  • Moby/8500 may be removed for mobile use

  • Micro-USB output connector

  • Supports charge and USB data communication

  • Verifone e355 payment cradle

  • Freestanding unit with slip-resistant feet (optional adhesive mounts included.)

  • 1.8m charging cable included

  • Wireless e355 connectivity only

  • NE360 payment cradle supports any manufacturer

  • Can be counter-mounted with adhesive or wall-mounted with the provided key hold slots.

  • Supports charging and data communication for seamless transactions

  • Optional counter or wall-mount applications

  • Plugs directly into any POS system

Flexible options to keep payment devices connected and ready.

Dock the cradle directly onto InVue’s NE360C payment center.

Use countertop as a standalone device.

What type of payment terminal docks does InVue have available?

We have terminal payment docks for the Ingenico Moby 8500, Verifone e355, and NE360C Payment Center.

How do the payment terminal docks mount to a counter?

The unit is weighted and has a slip-resistant base or may be adhesive mounted.

Do the payment terminal docks charge the Verifone e355 and Ingenico Moby 8500?

Yes, you must use the supplied cable. The terminal requires a 5V power supply – you can either use your own USB supply, plug it directly into a POS system, or use an InVue power supply.

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