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mPOS Charging Solutions

NE360 mPOS Charging Stations

Single and 5-position chargers for NE360 mPOS cases.

Flexible Options

Choose from a 5-position gang charger or single-position device charger without messy cords, cables, or extras getting in the way.

Precise Charging Technology

All devices charge at the same time at their rated currents.

Future-Proof Design

Designed to support increased power requirements as new devices and technology are introduced.

Properly charge your handheld, tablet and payment devices without worry.

Single charger for handheld devices.

Single charger for tablet devices.

Features and Benefits

InVue’s NE360 chargers are designed to support a variety of tablets, handheld devices, and payment systems.

  • Light indicators show when devices are charging (blinking) or ready (solid) for use.

  • Magnetic polarized charging contacts ensure proper connection and extends life cycle of charger and device.

  • All devices charge at the same time at their rated currents to avoid overheating, overcharging, or damaging devices.

  • Single charging cable designed for commercial use

How do the NE360 Charging Solutions keep my devices charged?

InVue charges according to battery specifications as well as manufacturer specifications. We monitor devices and fast charge and trickle charge appropriately so as not to degrade the life of your devices. Device batteries are not connected together, therefore each device gets an independent charge and is independently monitored.

How do I know when my devices are fully charged?

An indicator light on the charger slot will blink as devices are charging, and turn solid when the devices are fully charged and ready for use.

Are these chargers compatible with all InVue’s mPOS cases?

Yes, these are universal chargers and require no change in configuration for full functionality between cases.

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