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NE360H Handheld mPOS Case

Connected mPOS cases for handheld and payment devices that empower quick mobility and customer service.

Flexible design

Choose your desired mobile device, payment device, and operating system to create a mPOS solution that fits your business needs.

Seamless mobility

Integrated charging and USB connectivity keep you powered and ready for customer engagements without worry.

Built to last

4-foot drop rated to withstand the daily demands of enterprise business needs.

The complete handheld mPOS solution for every point of service.

Magnetic contacts ensure cases and devices charge at the same time to their exact specifications

Payment device slides down to reveal camera while staying connected

Create Your NE360H solution

Select your host and payment devices below to see your complete NE360 mobile solution.

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How does a payment terminal connect to a handheld device?

InVue cases provide a robust mechanical connection that allows for cases to still be easily separated by an associate or may be locked together if desired.

How do the connected devices communicate to one another?

InVue’s mPOS cases support a USB connection between supported devices. A wireless connection may also be used.

How are my devices charged?

InVue’s NE360H mPOS cases work with our single or 5-position gang chargers, and charge both devices using proprietary charging contacts – never again worry about lost, stolen, or broken connectors.

What handheld devices are supported?

InVue handheld mPOS cases currently support Apple iPhone SE / 8 / 7 / 12 / 13 / 14, iPod 5 / 6 / 7, Samsung Xcover PRO, and Zebra TC 21 / 26 / 51 / 52 / 56 / 57 + Rugged Covers. We continue to add new supported devices.

What payment devices are supported?

IInVue handheld mPOS cases currently support Ingenico iSMP4 / Link 2500 / Link 2500i and Verifone e280s / e285 / e355. We continue to add new supported devices.

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