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Sell-Thru Merchandise

Cable Lock Anchor

Instantly secure, effortlessly remerchandise.

Flexible Display

Double-sided security solution protects merchandise and anchors to a variety of fixtures.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Gives customers an authentic experience by encouraging hands-on interaction.

OneKEY Integration 

Associates can quickly remerchandise products on with InVue’s OneKEY™.

Multiple solutions for securing display products.

Cable Lock Anchor can be used to tether one product to a fixture for a secure product display

Use together with Package Wrap to secure multiple sell-thru products to a fixture

Cable Lock Anchor is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY™ ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.
OneKEY™ Ecosystem
Features and Benefits

Cable Lock Anchor is a 2-alarm EAS security solution for both merchandise displays and sell-thru products. One end of the cable lock is attached to the display fixture and the other end of the lock is attached to the merchandise. Both alarming locks are connected to each other via an 18-inch flexible coiled cable and will alarm when cable is cut or tampered with. The flexible cable allows customer to freely interact with merchandise without risk of theft or false alarms and store associates can remerchandise products in seconds.

  • Part of the OneKEY ecosystem for fast and efficient remerchandising

  • Secure a single product or multiple products when used with Package Wrap

  • 2-alarm EAS security solution

  • 18-inch coiled cable for customer flexibility

  • 86 dB alarm sounds if cable is cut or unit passes through EAS pedestal

  • Optional cable guides cinch to merchandise and fixture

  • Effective solution for home improvement, electronics, sporting goods, apparel retailers, and hypermarkets

Does cable lock anchor work with all generations of OneKEY?

Cable Lock Anchor is compatible with IR2, IR3 & IR4 keys.

What colors are available?

Black only.

How long is the coiled cable?

The coiled cable can stretch up to 2m.

Does the cable lock anchor alarm?

Yes, the cable lock anchor alarms when it’s cut or passes through EAS gates. The cable lock alarms on the merchandise cable lock only.

Is the cable lock anchor AM & RF compatible?

No, the cable lock anchor is only AM compatible.

How loud is the alarm on the cable lock anchor?

86 dB.

Is the battery replaceable or rechargeable?

No, the battery is not replaceable or rechargeable.

How thick are the cables on the cable lock anchor (does not include coiled cable)?

The cables are 2.93mm which are slightly thicker than our standard cable locks.

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