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OneKEY Locks

Frictionless access to secure merchandise with one key.

Boost efficiency, security, and in-store management with our OneKEY locks: never worry about replacing batteries or re-keying again.

OneKEY Locks

Unmatched reliability with battery-less access and multiple security layers, ensuring your associates are never locked out, even during power outages. Perfect for securing drawers, glass cases, cages, cabinets, and more – they’re the smart, versatile solution for all your locking needs.

Features and Benefits

OneKEY Locks merge top-tier security with single key access control, ensuring associates the ultimate mobility without the hassle of managing numerous physical keys. Designed for all types of glass, wood and metal locked cabinets and drawers.

  • No local wiring

  • No batteries

  • No more rekeying

  • Easy to install, use and maintain — no drilling or tools required

  • Lock Status Indicator provides visual confirmation that lock is locked or unlocked

Discover more ways OneKEY locks can help your business.

Looking to learn more about InVue’s Smart Locks? Reach out to us and a dedicated team member will connect with you to discuss your specific requirements.

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