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OneKEY Locks

Showcase Lock

Designed for swing-out glass doors on wood frames

Fuss-free maintenance.

As part of the OneKEY ecosystem™, the Showcase Lock requires no batteries or sourced power. Never worry about replacing or re-keying compromised locks again.

Flexible, reliable security.

Easy installation in new or existing fixtures, the Showcase Lock has an all-metal mounting bracket.

Streamlined Key Management

Showcase Lock improves customer service and speed to checkout.

Visual indicators relay lock status in seconds.

Showcase Lock indicator is black when locked.

And white when unlocked.

Showcase Lock is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.
OneKEY ecosystem
Features and Benefits

The versatile Showcase Lock is maintenance-free and easy to install.

  • Can be mounted on pull out drawers, swing out doors, and sliding bypass doors

  • Designed for all types of glass, wood and metal locked cabinets.

  • Brace option enables protection of double doors with a single lock

  • No battery or local wiring needed for power

  • Simple installation with common tools

Does this lock require batteries?

No, the key transfers power to the lock. No batteries are required.

Is there a way to tell if the lock is locked/unlocked?

Yes, the lens (where the OneKEY is used to unlock the lock) turns white or black depending on its unlocked/locked status.

How does the Showcase Lock differ from the Cam Lock?

Both locks are suitable for swing out wood doors / drawers, the Cam Lock is an industry standard type of lock. The Showcase Lock is a proprietary type of lock that is specifically intended to be used with a glass showcase with a swing out door. The type of lock is specific to InVue and not industry standard. 

Does the lock require a key to be locked again?

Yes, this model of lock requires a second key presentation to re-lock. Power is transferred from the key in order to drive the motor to secure the lock.

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