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OneKEY Locks

Slider Lock

Easy, smart security for sliding bypass glass doors.

Flexible, reliable security.

Compatible with 6mm or 8mm bypass glass doors, our Slider Lock installs in minutes to new or existing fixtures without tools or drilling.

Fuss-free maintenance.

As part of the OneKEY ecosystem, Slider Lock requires no batteries or sourced power. Never worry about replacing or re-keying compromised locks again.

OneKEY Integration

Integration with the InVue OneKEY ecosystem™

Always know when your assets are secured.

Visual indicator is all black when locked.

And shows white when unlocked.

The Slider Lock is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.
OneKEY Ecosystem
Features and Benefits

The Smart Universal Lock provides quick, easy and secure access to merchandise – no tools required. Comes in black or white.

  • Designed for 6mm bypass glass doors

  • For panel gap 8mm – 11.5mm (0.3” – 0.5”)

  • Compatible with OneKEY

  • No battery or local wiring needed for power

Does the Slider Lock require batteries?

No, the key transfers power to the lock. No batteries are required.

Can the lock be installed on a front left panel or front right panel?

Yes, the lock is interchangeable. Simply rotate the lock by 180 degrees for the correct orientation during installation.

What is the supported length of overlap between sliding doors?

The lock supports 5 different strike plate lengths covering a range from 22mm – 110mm in total.

Does the lock require a key to be locked again?

Yes, this model of lock requires a second key presentation to re-lock. Power is transferred from the key in order to drive the motor to secure the lock.

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