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Build a better shopping experience with asset protection for power tools.

Reduce Shrinkage

Stop the big business of power tools and equipment theft with anti-theft devices that secure power tools and high-value areas.

Engage Customers

Allow customers to shop freely and interact with merchandise before purchasing.

Empower Employees

Give your employees the key to success and efficient customer service with the use of the OneKEY™ ecosystem.

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The only security solution for powered and non-powered tools on display.

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Features and benefits:
  • Display one or multiple items with one alarm unit

  • OneKEY™-compatible for quick remerchandising, removal, and loss prevention 

  • Customers can easily interact with merchandise for a better shopping experience

  • Simple and easy setup can be mounted above or below the counter

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How do I protect my power tools from theft?

Using InVue’s anti-theft devices, you can protect high-value power tools from theft while still keeping them on display for customers.

In addition to placing expensive tools towards the front of the store, our Zips solution secures merchandise and protects it from tool theft with strong cables and OneKEY™ compatibility that can only be unlocked by an authorized associate.

How do you mark your tools so they don’t get stolen?

For your own personal collection of power tools, it is recommended to engrave them with identifying information. When not in use, it is helpful to remove all batteries and keep them locked in a secure area.