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OneKEY Locks

Self-Latching Showcase Lock

Designed for swing out glass doors and cabinets.


The Self-Latching Showcase’s feature protects from forgetful moments that leave merchandise vulnerable. Open the lock with OneKEY then simply close to shut.

Fuss-Free Maintenance

The Self-Latching Showcase Lock requires no batteries or sourced power. Easy to install on new or existing fixtures.

Streamlined Key Management

As part of the OneKEY ecosystem™, you can give every associate a single key to empower quick customer service, increase sales, and decrease theft.

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple keys.


Having numerous keys poses not just a security hazard but also leads to operational inefficiency and increased costs.


OneKEY simplifies access control while providing valuable data insights to optimize security and operations.

Our Self-Latching Showcase Lock is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.
OneKEY™ ecosystem

Upgrade your retail store’s security with our self-latching smart locks for hassle-free access control, improved safety, and enhanced customer experience.

  • Designed to be installed on a glass frame — no drilling required

  • Small footprint allows complete visibility of products merchandised and inventoried in glass cabinets

  • Tactile and auditory feedback provides confirmation of a successful unlock and relock

  • Brace option enables protection of double doors with a single lock

  • Can be applied to top or bottom of cabinet

  • No battery or local wiring needed for power

  • Several form factors for every application.

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Does this lock require batteries?

No, the key transfers power to the lock. No batteries are required.

Is there a way to tell if the lock is locked/unlocked?

Yes, the lens (where the OneKEY is used to unlock the lock) turns white or black depending on its unlocked/locked status.

What is the difference between the L440 and the Showcase Lock?

The L440 has a metallic finish, while the Showcase Lock is black or white. The L440 is self-latching while the Showcase Lock requires a key to re-lock.

Does the lock require a key to be locked again?

No, this model of lock is self-latching and does not require a key to re-lock.