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LIVE Cam Lock

OneKEY and mKEY enabled access control for wood, glass, metal or acrylic swing-out doors, readying your store for the future of shopping.


Unique app login authenticates and authorizes user access to each lock, offering both associates and customers self-service mobile capabilities.

No Wiring Required

No local wiring for power or connectivity. 2-year battery life make LIVE Locks easy to install, move, and maintain.

Employee Flexibility

LIVE Locks combine the convenience of a mobile app with NFC, Bluetooth, or scanning technologies to give associates fast access to locked merchandise.

Features and Benefits
  • Low power operation with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • No local wiring

  • 2-year battery life

  • Remote unlock capability

  • Compatible with with mKEY and OneKEY

  • Audit and report by location, department, and user

  • Lock status and audit trail visibility

  • Integrate into SSO system

  • Available for both iOS and Android

What mobile operating systems are compatible with the LIVE Lock?

Both IOS and Android OS support InVue’s LIVE Access mobile application. Virtually any mobile device with IOS or Android can be used with the LIVE Lock product range.

Does this lock support OneKEY?

Yes, all LIVE Locks support OneKEY in addition to mobile devices.

Is the LIVE Cam Lock intended to work with existing fixture cam mechanism?

Yes, the cam lock is intended to fit all standard cam mechanisms already installed onto existing fixtures. The lock does not include its own cam.

What type of batteries does this lock require and how long do they last?

LIVE Locks require 2 CR123A batteries, which last roughly 2-years (assuming 12 unlocks per day).

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