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Smart Locks

Self-Latching Slider Lock

Self-latching smart lock for sliding bypass doors


The Self-Latching Slider Lock’s feature protects from forgetful moments that leave merchandise vulnerable. Open the lock with OneKEY™ then simply close to shut.

Fuss-Free Maintenance

The Self-Latching Slider Lock requires no batteries or sourced power. Easy to install on new or existing fixtures.

Streamlined Key Management

As part of the OneKEY ecosystem, you can give every associate a single key to empower quick customer service, increase sales, and decrease theft.

Our Self-Latching Slider Lock is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.
OneKEY System
Features and Benefits

Upgrade your retail store’s security with our self-locking smart locks for hassle-free access control, improved safety, and enhanced customer experience.

  • Designed for sliding bypass doors and incorporates a self locking feature

  • Small footprint allows complete visibility of products merchandised and inventoried in glass cabinets

  • Tactile and auditory feedback provides confirmation of a successful unlock and relock

  • Built-in handle for ease of use and maintaining a clean display

  • Fast and easy installation with no drilling, few components, and a lock body that adapts to a large range of panel gaps

  • No battery or local wiring needed for power

Does this lock require batteries?

No, the key transfers power to the lock. No batteries are required.

Are there different sizing options for the lock?

Yes, there is a short latch and long latch models, depending on the specific fixture dimensions. A sizing tool is also available to determine which model to use.

Does the lock require a key to be locked again?

No, this model of lock is self-latching and does not require a key to re-lock.

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