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Tablet Stands

CT101 Multipurpose Tablet Stand

A simple tablet stand with universal point-of-sale applications.

Integrated power

In-stand contacts keep the tablet charged when docked so it’s ready for mobile applications at any time.

Versatile design

All-metal stand can be used on any surface, with lockdown capabilities for high-security needs.

Instantly mobile

Tablet easily removes for complete mobility and re-locks when docked.

CT101’s power, security and mobility handle every business need.

Instant mobility empowers associates to do business anywhere you need

Facilitate customer self-service with security in mind

CT101 is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem—a storewide single-key solution that reduces theft, improves store efficiency and increases sales.
OneKEY™ ecosystem
Features and Benefits

The CT101 is universal tablet stand designed to endure any environment with mobility in mind.

  • Rugged all-metal stand security mounts to any drillable surface

  • In-stand contacts charge the tablet when docked

  • Swivel base option rotates 180 in either direction

  • Optional tablet frame provides additional protection from theft and daily wear

  • Hand strap and solder strap options available

  • Compatible with all manufacturer’s tablets and all operating systems

What tablets can be used with CT101?

Any manufacturers’ USB-C tablet and Apple lightning tablets up to 13 inches may be used with the CT101.

How does the CT101 keep my tablet charged?

CT101 has integrated charging so tablets docked are charging and always ready to use.

How does the CT101 mount?

You can mount the CT101 with an adhesive or bolt mount. Wall mount options are also available.

What level of security does the CT101 offer when the tablet is docked?

CT101 is a high-security stand tested to over 200 lbs. of pull force. Tablets may only be undocked using InVue’s proprietary IR key technology. As an added level of security, CT101 is also available with an alarming option.

Can I plug in a peripheral to the stand, such as a scanner or payment terminal?

CT101 has no hardwire connect data capability. Peripherals must be connected wirelessly to a tablet.

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