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Stand tall. Move freely.


Using our Zone Manager, you can control how far customers can go with your devices while interacting completely wire-free.

Compact Sensor

The sensor is low-profile and creates sleek, aesthetically-appealing displays for phones and tablets.

Customer Insights

Get data that can help you make businesses decisions like which devices customers interact with the most and for how long.

Lose the wires—not the security

Let customers move around the store freely with devices giving them a cable-free shopping experience that doesn’t sacrifice security.

Zone Manager
Control how far from the base customers can travel with the device—this is known as the secure zone. Once a customer leaves the secure zone, it will trigger the alarm.
The alarm range can be set for a distance of up to 6 meters (20ft) from the base.
Features and Benefits

Replace bulky wired security with a sleek and wireless solution. The S3100V allows your customers to take devices wherever they go—in-store, of course. Set a perimeter and let customers interact with devices as if they’re at home. You still get InVue’s reliable and trusted security, and the customer gets a fully immersive experience that’ll lead straight to the checkout counter.

  • Wireless security for tablets and smartphones

  • Set security parameters by choosing a secure zone and an alarm zone

  • Built-in security sensor that sounds when alarm is breached

  • Optional alarm node flashes red when phone leaves secure zone

  • Get actionable insights with LIVE Display

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“The new wireless solution allows customers to interact with devices more freely and makes it easy for our mobile experts to support them in their purchasing decisions.”

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Complete control from the palm of your hand.

Manage display operations, and security settings of every device on display.

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Does the S3100V have an alarm?

Yes, the S3100V is alarmed. The alarm is activated when the device leaves the secure zone.

Does the S3100V charge the devices?

Yes, the S3100V has integrated charging.

In what colors is the S3100V available in?

The S3100V is available in white or black.

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