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Phones & Tablets

Series 960

Optimal combination of design, experience, and security.

Low-Profile Stand

Showcase the device and not the security with a low-profile stand that creates consistent and visually-appealing displays.


Display complementary products like wireless speakers and smartwatches using the powered alarm port.

OneKEY Simplicity

Using OneKEY, quickly remove stand from base for remerchandising or nightly security protocols.

Versatile cross-merchandising and enhanced security features.
Series 960 is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem—a storewide single-key solution that reduces theft, improves store efficiency and increases sales.
OneKEY™ ecosystem
Features and Benefits
The Series 960 gives you exposed cord protection for smartphones and tablets. With added flexibility, you can cross-sell other devices like Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches, and more.
  • Display smartphones and tablets with low-profile base

  • Charges and powers devices up to 3 amps

  • Enhance protection with optional brackets to deter theft

  • Can be mounted to display counter or wall

In what colors is Series 960 available?

Series 960 is available in white or black.

We do nightly security removal of devices, is this a good solution?

Yes, using InVue’s proprietary OneKEY™, devices can be removed from the stand quickly for nightly security protocols.

Are there enhanced security options available for Series 960?

Yes, there are enhanced-security 2-way bracket arms available.

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