Leading mobile carrier chooses wireless security to refresh retail experience.- InVue
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Leading mobile carrier chooses wireless security to refresh retail experience.

Case Studies
Date: Dec 06 2019
Read Time: 3 minutes
This telecommunications company is a leading wireless provider with over 7,500 dedicated retail stores in the U.S.


The carrier’s signature stores had previously used older InVue models to display their devices. After six years, the customer was looking to refresh the look and experience to align with their business’s recent changes. They wanted to create a more engaging, impactful customer experience that would ultimately increase sales per device display. In addition, stores had gone years without having their displays refreshed. Each store made individual changes to ensure display functionality, resulting in a mix of technology, an inconsistent aesthetic, and a confusing, disruptive customer experience. Lastly, finding a single solution that would future-proof stores was a priority. As the technology evolved and new electronics were introduced, the retail team needed to find a display solution that seamlessly transitioned power and security from older models to the latest generations – all with no interruption to the store experience.


Create a more impactful customer experience.
Streamline the display aesthetic.
Compatibility with evolving electronics.

InVue’s vertical wireless stand, S3100V was selected to support all of the carrier’s mobile phone store displays because of its impactful customer experience and ability to power various brand devices. S3100V’s alarm zoning functionality solved the challenge of ensuring the best store experience without sacrificing security. Customers can now explore the full functionality of each device – from snapping selfies to experimenting with apps. In addition, the tether-free design allows mobile experts to show customers other compatible electronics throughout the store. Customers can evaluate other devices, as well as discover practical uses of the new phones. The enhanced personal service has resulted in an increased sales per customer.


The retailer has already deployed S3100V in 40 locations in the United States and intends to expand it to 400 more stores by 2022. Overall operations have run more smoothly since old tethers and power supplies were removed, and there has been a significant reduction in damage and destruction reports. The time it takes to finalize each sale has improved as a result of associates having greater chances to engage with customers while they explore the store.

“InVue has been a trusted partner for several years, balancing our needs for design, security, and the customer experience across every store. Their willingness to collaborate led to the recent implementation of S3100V in our newest design concept store.

We wanted to deliver an enhanced customer experience while still providing adequate device security. The new wireless solution allows customers to interact with devices more freely and makes it easy for our mobile experts to support them in purchasing decisions. The solution also matched the experience and design we were hoping to capture in our new, high-experience stores.”

— Program Manager at Leading Wireless Carrier