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Powerful security for smartwatch displays.

Metal Construction

Heavy-duty full-metal construction provides the ultimate security for smartwatch displays.

Low-Profile Design

Low-profile stand creates a sleek display and reduces leverage points for potential thieves.

Integrated Charging

Power most smartwatches with built-in OEM charging.

Secure smartwatches with a square or round face.
Features and Benefits

If powerful watch security is your top priority then the HSW100 is the perfect fit. The full-metal construction cannot be damaged or defeated by thieves making it perfect for stores with limited staffing or located in high-theft areas.

  • Full-metal construction

  • Integrated OEM charging capability

  • Display watches with square or round face

  • Easy-installation with four simple screws secures watch frame to stand

Do I need OneKEY to use HSW100?

No, HWS100 is not part of the OneKEY ecosystem. It is a mechanical high-security solution perfect for stores that have limited employees or are in high-risk areas.

Can I use the HSW100 with Apple Watch?

Yes, HSW100 is compatible with Apple Watch or smartwatch brands with a round face.

Can customers try-on smartwatches when secured with HSW100?

No, the HSW100 is a high-security option that does not allow customers to try on merchandise without employee assistance. Customers will be able to interact with the watch face only.

Does HSW100 have a built-in alarm?

No, HSW100 does not have an alarmed option.

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