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Sprint, now T-Mobile, greatly increased their customer experience.

Case Studies
Date: Oct 07 2018
Read Time: 2 minutes
Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, creating America’s largest, fastest, and now most reliable 5G network. Before it merged with T-Mobile, it was the fourth-largest mobile network operator in the United States.


Sprint continually looks to improve its in-store experience to maximize customer satisfaction. A persistent challenge had been providing customers with one-on-one attention and engaging them from the time they entered the store through to the checkout experience. This challenge prevented Sprint from creating the desired personalized customer experience and led to mounting customer frustration over in-store wait times. To address this, Sprint sought out technology that would allow associates to work directly with customers anywhere in the store and provide real-time information to empower associates to craft a seamless sales experience.


After thoroughly understanding the challenge, InVue collaborated with Sprint to create a mobile solution that combined tablets, software, and point-of-sale to improve the customer experience vastly. The solution was a complete tablet POS system, InVue’s CT300, which reduced wait and check-out times. First, InVue integrated a tablet and a payment device, allowing associates to process transactions on the spot, eliminating the need for a customer to wait in line at a sales counter.

Next, a charging stand was added so the tablet and payment device would be secure and charged, ready to process transactions at any time. Fixed charging stands are also placed around the sales floor for associate use. Still, when mobility is needed, the devices can easily be removed for the associates to move about freely. Finally, a 5-unit gang charger was added to the back of the store. This securely locks and charges the devices throughout the night, ensuring all equipment is ready for immediate use when the store reopens.


After the installation of the InVue solution, associates were able to offer a tailored, personalized customer experience and serve customers end to end. Implementing InVue’s mobile point-of-sale solution increases the speed of transactions and wireless plan activations. Overall, the in-store experience has transformed into a more productive interaction for customers and associates. With the launch of the NE360, T-Mobile will be upgrading to the new Convertible POS Center.

“The [InVue] CT300 provided the unique combination of power, mobility, and security, along with integrated payment capabilities that shortened the time per transaction.”

—Brian Bell, Manager of Program / Project Management