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Industry-leading security with app-based access control gives associates ultimate mobility.

Case Studies
Date: Dec 06 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
Expert Link: Expert Link is a group of franchised retailers providing innovative consumer products through in-store and online distribution.


Expert – Telebuna opened in Rome, Italy at the end of 2022 and has become one of the busiest Expert locations. Prior to using InVue, the location struggled with management of multiple keys, false alarms and problems with charging devices.


The OneKEY ecosystem solved the customer’s key issue by offering both a secure and reliable way to display devices using InVue’s OnePOD. Expert – Telebuna also installed LIVE Locks, which allow the store staff to use the IR4 key or mobile phones to open the locks, ultimately, making things faster and more efficient. All interactions are also tracked in LIVE Access, which adds an extra layer of security and ease of mind for the customer. Since the installation, the customer has provided feedback around the great customer experience, flawless operation of the products, and streamlined sales process.

“I chose to rely on InVue products because right now it is the most reliable choice on the market in terms of security. The quality standard is high, the aesthetics are well cared for, and they have a technologically advanced impact. Thanks to smartphone and tablet display systems, I can collect and analyze data on the use of the products on display by my customers.”

— Carlo Bucarelli – Owner