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Volkswagen uses CT101 to meet customers’ changing needs.

Case Studies
Date: Jul 08 2018
Read Time: 2 minutes
Volkswagen is headquartered in Germany and one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. VW is recognized a one of the most innovative brands in the world when it comes to marketing their cars.


German car manufacturer Volkswagen was designing and building their first retail concept for the Bullring Shopping Center in Birmingham, England. A clear focus on meeting customers’ changing needs was central in the design and development of the store. VW wanted to create an experience that made the process of buying and owning a car as easy and straightforward as possible. To meet those changing needs VW looked to utilize iPads throughout the store for customers and sales associates to use. The tablets also had to be able to withstand the daily abuse they would experience in a mall environment.


Volkwagen was shown InVue’s CT101 solution by the design firm building the store environment. The firm felt that CT101 offered the complete solution Volkswagen was looking for. InVue’s CT101, part of their Commercial Solutions product line, enables customers to browse and research while waiting for a VW rep. Once they are engaged, the CT101 allows the customer to detail and virtually build their own spec car. Along with offering a high customer experience, the CT101 offers security and power for the iPads.


This is the first shopping center pilot for Volkswagen with the CT101, but if it proves successful VW will look to expand the concept. InVue will continue to support the expansion and offer developed solutions and innovations.

“InVue’s iPad stands are a really great product. Around 40% of customers use them to check info and shop the wider range.”

—Mark Scamber, Retail Customer Account Manager