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Major Big Box retailer installs their US stores' first LIVE Locks

“I showed the App and Lock to one of my merchandising teams... they were blown away. They love it!”

SiamSportsPro chooses NE150 as their mPOS solution.

“We are very impressed with the build quality and sturdiness of the mount and we’re going to roll it out standard across our entire facility.”

— Gareth Jones, Managing Director

AIA Tower, located in South Korea, leverages nlobby’s software for a paperless check-in process.

"My customers [at AIA Tower] like NE150 because of its premium look and feel, and integrated power feature. The counter looks clean and sleek after the NE150 installation. Our front desk staff can also remove the tablet to serve important customers easily."

Vodafone invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires.

“Everything has been good with the product and we are very happy about providing a better experience for our customers.”

— Mr. Dhafer, Store Supervisor

The NE360C assists in a better in-store customer experience at OFM

We can easily view inventory we have in store, which allows us to better assist customers in finding the perfect outfit. At the end of the day, we can review the sales revenue and that makes us very happy.”

- Sem de Rooij, Assistant Store Manager, OFM Geldermalsen


Tablets boost customer experience at Skins Cosmetics

“It’s a flexible method that avoids unnecessarily delaying customers… there is no huge cash register taking up precious space, where we prefer to showcase our brands and products.”


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“Tablets that act as sources of information and mobile cash registers are hugely valuable, particularly during busy periods like Christmas. Cash registers no longer need to be located in a single location so a queue forms. Customers can pay anywhere, while our staff can accompany and advise them, and even put products in a digital basket, if necessary. When products are out of stock, orders can immediately be placed via the tablet for home delivery or for collection at a boutique of the customer’s choice.” — Process & Implementation Manager

A leading mobile carrier decreases theft, increases same-store sales with LIVE OnePOD

"What I think is cool is we’re able to download an app to control LIVE OnePOD. Seeing the different phones whether they are armed or unarmed makes things a lot easier. The individuality of being able to select each phone it’s like they have their own personal security guard… Just having that freedom or that ability is awesome in store."

S3100V refreshes the retail experience for leading U.S. mobile carrier

“The new wireless solution allows customers to interact with devices more freely and makes it easy for our mobile experts to support them in purchasing decisions.”

OneKEY Padlock extends theft protection to backroom storage

"It's the easiest way to use our OneKEY with the same code as the cabinets in our cosmetic department. We do not have to remember new codes or have more different keys to open and close our storage area and manage departments." - Category Manager
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"We have not had any theft or issues during the installation of this site."

NE360 enhances hospitality service at major venues in the U.S.

"The functionality and quality of [InVue's] solution is superior to any other product we've looked at."

MediaMarkt updates problematic security for InVue's OneKEY ecosystem.

“Before we had a key ring with 10 keys and now, we only have one key for all showcases and the alarm system. That is ingenious.”
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“The advantage of the OneKEY is that we can use it for several departments... and the key gives audible feedback. If a lock is open, it beeps so you can’t forget to lock the cabinet. It’s good for us employees because it can no longer happen that a showcase is left open and goods are stolen.”

— Baykan Sahin – Smartphone Department Manager

With OneKey, Office Depot has improved inventory management, tracking and reporting.

“InVue technology has been real beneficial for us, especially with merchandise display. It’s user friendly and doesn’t require any training. The best thing about InVue’s Access Manager is ease of use, the reporting and tracking of keys.”

Cross-merchandising to increase sales.

“Before the InVue installation, we sold on average just one smart watch a month. Since installing the Series 1060 and cross merchandising smart watches with smartphones, we’ve had increasing sales. Month over month.”

— Mobile Department Manager, Best Buy

Transforming the shopping experience with the OneKEY ecosystem.

“The OneKEY ecosystem™ delivered amazing results, more than expected. We’ve had almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.”

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— Bic Camera Inc

With easy to use installment and deployment, scaling from four to 300 is no problem.

“We were able to scale from four stores to 300 stores without any modification to the backend and without integration. Managing 300 stores is just as easy as managing four.”

— H3G on MicroSigns Software

Zips, ideal protection for merchandise on display. Versatility for use anywhere in store.

“We decided to use the new Zips to display our speakers and headphones. We do not have power on all tables, but this system allows us to secure all positions and keep all displays looking similar while only providing power to the tables with power sockets.”

— Store Manager at Bose Liege

Keep your customers well-serviced. Keep your associates well.

“We have used InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem for years to help us improve security and customer service. Recently with the COVID-19 crisis, having OneKEYs in our stores has presented another benefit, which is minimizing health risks to our associates. When everyone has their own key, no one is sharing keys, so there is less health risk of anything being transferred from frequently shared keys.”

— T-Mobile Croatia

Meijer installs the OneKEY ecosystem.

“You made my job and my whole team’s job wonderful and easy.”

Highly configurable, cloud-based solution that allows access to data anytime.

“Analysis of the data collected by the OneKEY’s gives us visibility to what is happening in store and what associates are doing. It’s led to improved efficiency, lower theft and increased sales.”

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— Project Manager, Coppel

Sofmap is increasing profits with the OneKEY ecosystem.

“We are so pleased with the value InVue products have provided. They transformed our work style – time is no longer spent ‘non value-added activities’ such as looking for the right key or handling false alarms. Our store associates can focus on maximizing customer satisfaction, which has led to increased sales and higher profits.”

— CEO, Sofmap Co. Ltd.

Sales associate confidence improves with OneKEY leading to sales increases.

“We installed InVue’s OneKey ecosystem in some of our stores. Prior to this our sales associates had to manage 5-6 different keys for our various security devices.”
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InVue provides one key for all their security devices which allows every sales associate to have a key. This has led to greatly improved operational efficiencies and given our sales associates a higher level of confidence when servicing the customer.

The improved confidence of our sales associates and their ability to provide better service to our customers has contributed to same store sales increases.”

— David Caron, Director, Store Branding & Visual Merchandising, The Source

An early advocate of technology, Verizon was one of the first adopters of the IR ecosystem.

“InVue’s out-of-the-box thinking and extensive knowledge of our stores is what allows us the flexibility to create challenging fixtures without worrying about security concerns.”

— Verizon

Adaptive and optimal solutions for all merchandise and applications.

“We work with InVue because they always offer us the optimal solution for our different merchandise and applications. If needed, these will be further developed and adapted together with us.”

— Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH, Innovation and Design

Invue products help cut average shrink by 51%.

“We believe that InVue is a great solution to preventing shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have InVue versus stores without InVue we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 51% on the high-risk areas that we use them. We encourage our high and medium risk stores to use their expenses budget to purchase from InVue.”

— Shrink operations manager, Tesco

Ideal protection for merchandise on display. Versatility for use anywhere in store.

“We have chosen to install InVue Series 850 and new Zips on our phones and watches in the shop in the Galleria in Stockholm, because we had problems with our old alarms. After using the alarm for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! Highly recommended!”

— Media Markt Head of Telecom

T-Mobile greatly increased their customer experience.

“The InVue CT300 provided the unique combination of power, mobility and security along with integrated payment capabilities that shortened the time per transaction.”

— Manager of Program / Project Management, T-Mobile

Providing opportunities for customers to interact with the products they crave the most.

“A great product. Seamless, nothing to worry about, it will protect your accessories and definitely increase your sales.”

— Biral Shah, Store Manager, AT&T Authorized Reseller

OneKEY provides solutions to allow employees to focus more on customer needs.

“The OneKEY ecosystem is crucial to our staff. It empowers our staff to fully concentrate on the customer’s needs.”

— Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Consumer Market

Volkswagen uses CT101 to meet customers' changing needs.

“The CT101 protects the iPads from any abuse and keeps them charged up and always ready.”

— Mark Scambler, Volkswagen Retail Customer Account Manager

OnePOD Wireless drives customer purchasing decisions

"Innovative and easy for our customers, exactly how we want it."

Japanese home retailer uses OSA Sensor to see low inventory in real-time

"Since the store is large and handles many products, it's a big issue to overlook a shortage and miss a sales opportunity. Through the introduction of InVue's OSA Sensor, we're aware of shortages in real-time, are able to improve the efficiency of supply operations, and increased sales."

— Store Manager

Wireless technology enables TV and Gaming experiences

“OnePOD Wireless has helped us more effectively present and sell our OLED TV solutions through enabling an authentic user experience with XBOX controllers. Our gaming controllers are always secure, charged and completely mobile, allowing us to work with customers anywhere near the display.”

— In-store LG Representative

Eliminating the complexity and cost of mechanical locks & keys

“Before installing the  Padlock, we would have to replace 50 Padlocks a year due to lost keys or combinations. Since installing the InVue Padlock, we have not had to replace any due to its compatibility with the OneKEY. We also have had no theft from our cages with InVue Padlocks since we installed them over one year ago.”

— Senior Manager, Store Design

OnePOD Wireless offers customers fun, interactive experiences

“OnePOD Wireless is interesting because of it’s flexibility. I can very easily change the planogram or individual positions of the displayed phones, and customers can take them into their hand and view or compare different models without any obstacles.”

— Radek Janicek, Head of Experience Centers

Virgin Mobile steps-up the customer experience with OnePOD Wireless

"Our customer experience with the InVue OnePOD Wireless product is a step-up experience, as customers feel very comfortable taking the tablet to check packages on display."

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"It also gives our staff freedom to approach the customer and explain more details on offers and packages. Overall, for both customers and staff, it’s an improved experience which has allowed us to increase the sales of packages.“

— Operations Manager

CT101 personalizes Currys in-store experience

Currys needed a solution that was easy for customers to use while offering quick mobility, so store associates could undock the tablet and move around the store - providing each customer with a personal shopping experience.


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