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Retail Security Testimonials



“The best thing about InVue’s Access Manager is ease of use, reporting and tracking…”

– Harris Syed, Office Depot Store Manager

“InVue’s Access Manager has added tremendous value to our stores by helping our employees improve the service to our customers by allowing them all to have a key while controlling their access to secured merchandise throughout the store.”

– Robert Jennings, VP Loss Prevention, DixonsCarphone



“It is very convenient that we can use the same InVue key to secure our products as well as our cabinets. And that creates an extra service in the customer journey in our store.”

– Jeroen van Nistelrooij, Tele2

“Before the InVue installation, we sold on average just one smart watch a month. Since installing the Series 1060 and cross merchandising smart watches with smartphones, we’ve had increasing sales. Month over month.”

– Scott, Best Buy Mobile Department Manager

“Since installing the Series 1060 we have had zero theft in our store. The phones are powered all day, even the 12 inch iPad Pro!”

– Rosa Fabon, My Wireless Group, AT&T Authorized Reseller

“With the InVue cross merchandising solution, we achieved a significant increase in the sale of smart watches in just 30 days of use!”

– Alex S. Nogueira, Vivo


“A great product. Seamless, nothing to worry about, it will protect your accessories and definitely increase your sales.”

– Biral Shah, Store Manager, AT&T Authorized Reseller

“InVue’s out-of-the-box thinking and extensive knowledge of our stores is what allows us the flexibility to create challenging fixtures without worrying about security concerns.”

– Verizon

Commercial Tablet Testimonials

“InVue has proven to be the most nimble, trusted and highest-quality partner to achieve innovation and growth in healthcare, retail and beyond. The InVue relationship is both foundational and dynamic which allows our companies to co-develop some of the most leading edge solutions, but more importantly allows us to enable customers to customize their solutions by pulling form the best of both brands.”

– Devon J. Speas, Director, Industry Vertical Solutions, Lenovo

“With the CT300, overall transactions increased by 35%!”

A chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs installed the CT300 in its restaurant components in order to streamline the ordering process, decrease wait times and increase the number of transactions. Six CT300’s were installed at each location allowing customers to make their food decision and even customize and add to their order leading to a higher ticket. The immediate results were extremely positive; customers found the CT300 intuitive, simple to use and were pleased with the control they had when ordering, the average order time is now 80 seconds.

Media Markt installed the CT100 in several countries for a variety of applications.

Media Markt required a tablet display solution that worked well for multiple applications. The tablet display needed to offer versatility for use as digital signage, a self-service kiosk or POS system. The CT100 exceeded all of their needs.


Dixons Carphone, a multinational electrical and telecom retailer and services company, is using the CT100.

Dixons needed for a tablet display solution where both customers and associates could browse their online product selection on the tablet. They required a solution that was easy for customers to use while offering quick mobility, so store associates could undock the tablet and move around the store with their customers.


CT100 was a perfect fit for Telia Sonara.

Telia was looking for a tablet solution that allowed customers to digitally sign contracts within their store as they purchased devices. The display needed be easy for customers and associates to use and feature a small footprint as to not take away from valuable space required for the electronics on display.

The CT100 was the perfect choice for Telia. Its simplistic design fit well within the space allotted. The CT100 is easy for customers to navigate through the digital contracts displayed on the tablet. Once customers complete the contract, the associate saves it as a PDF and sends it electronically to the customer, thus saving time and money.


“The CT100 protects the iPads from any abuse and keeps them charged up and always ready.”

– Mark Scambler, Volkswagen Retail Customer Account Manager

While designing and building their first retail concept for the Bullring Shopping Center in Birmingham, England, Volkswagen wanted to create an experience that made the process of buying and owning a car as easy and straightforward as possible by utilizing iPads throughout the store. The iPads would need to withstand the daily abuse they would experience in a mall environment, and InVue’s CT100 offered the complete solution VW was looking for.



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