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“We have used InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem for years to help us improve security and customer service. Recently with the COVID-19 crisis, having OneKEYs in our stores has presented another benefit, which is minimizing health risks to our associates. When everyone has their own key, no one is sharing keys, so there is less health risk of anything being transferred from frequently shared keys.”

— Marko Ocvirek, Trade Marketing, T-Mobile Croatia

Sales associate confidence improves with OneKEY leading to sales increases.

“We installed InVue’s OneKey ecosystem in some of our stores. Prior to this our sales associates had to manage 5-6 different keys for our various security devices.

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InVue provides one key for all their security devices which allows every sales associate to have a key. This has led to greatly improved operational efficiencies and given our sales associates a higher level of confidence when servicing the customer.

The improved confidence of our sales associates and their ability to provide better service to our customers has contributed to same store sales increases.”

— David Caron, Director, Store Branding & Visual Merchandising, The Source

“The InVue CT300 provided the unique combination of power, mobility and security along with integrated payment capabilities that shortened the time per transaction.”

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“InVue technology has been real beneficial for us, especially with merchandise display. It’s user friendly and doesn’t require any training. The best thing about InVue’s Access Manager is ease of use, the reporting and tracking of keys.”

“Before the InVue installation, we sold on average just one smartwatch a month. Since installing the Series 1060 and cross-merchandising smartwatches with smartphones, we’ve had increasing sales. Month over month.”

— Scott, Best Buy Mobile Department Manager

“The OneKEY ecosystem™ delivered amazing results, more than expected. We’ve had almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.”

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“We were able to scale from four stores to 300 stores without any modification to the backend and without integration. Managing 300 stores is just as easy as managing four.

— H3G on MicroSigns Software

“We decided to use the new Zips to display our speakers and headphones. We do not have power on all tables, but this system allows us to secure all positions and keep all displays looking similar while only providing power to the tables with power sockets.”

— Terry Asselman, Store Manager at Bose Liege

Meijer installs the OneKEY ecosystem.

“You made my job and my whole team’s job wonderful and easy.”

“Analysis of the data collected by the OneKEY’s gives us visibility to what is happening in store and what associates are doing. It’s led to improved efficiency, lower theft and increased sales.”

— Manuel Trejo Cortes, Project Manager, Coppel SA de CV

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“InVue’s out-of-the-box thinking and extensive knowledge of our stores is what allows us the flexibility to create challenging fixtures without worrying about security concerns.”

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“We work with InVue because they always offer us the optimal solution for our different merchandise and applications. If needed, these will be further developed and adapted together with us.”

— Thomas Hanft, Deutsche Telekom Privatkunden-Vertrieb GmbH, Innovation and DesignSM

“We believe that Helix Hooks are a great solution to supporting with Shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have Helix Hooks versus stores without Helix Hooks we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 51% on the high-risk areas that we use them. We encourage our high and medium risk stores to use their expenses budget to purchase Helix Hooks from InVue.”

— Richard Finn, Tesco Shrink Operations Manager

“We have chosen to install InVue Series 850 and new Zips on our phones and watches in the shop in the Galleria in Stockholm, because we had problems with our old alarms. After using the alarm for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! Highly recommended!”

— Michael Luks, Media Markt Head of Telecom

“The OneKEY ecosystem is crucial to our staff. It empowers our staff to fully concentrate on the customer’s needs.”

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Welcome to the 3 shop here at the Fisketorvet mall landing just on Halloween festive, Thanks for the opportunity to tell you more about our new concept — we have 31 shops in Denmark, and are currently in the last phase of a total refurbishment of the store concept.

The center of the shop is our mobile bar — where we have our assortment of phones, tables and routers. It was important for us to choose a supplier where the alarms are flexible for different tasks and not dominated in the size – as the phone is the focus of our exhibition. Our new store concept is all about the customer feeling — so presentation of our products, the mix of categories and things as the fixtures, lighting, music and temperature are also part of getting customers into our stores. It’s vital to keep stores appealing for the customer.

A valuable factor to choose InVue is the OneKEY ecosystem, as one key will work all the provided solutions. Just use the key at the alarm stand and its disarmed for staff to work with the planogram. When we do an upset for a customer — we have requested items placed in drawers — which are secured by SmartLocks. Also here we are using our OneKEY for this task so we are not leaving the customer alone on the floor as we want to be in control of the transaction. Again, the InVue OneKEY ecosystem gives us a great advantage as all our products are secured with the same technology — so our staff only needs to have one key for the full operation.

In close cooperation with brands, we have a demand about them using Invue for the security part so our staff only has one “mind set” regarding how everything works. Here is Samsung with an impressive fixture where there also are implemented SmartLocks.

We also use the Invue Business Solution for our tablets, used for a digital signature for subscription contracts — and again SmartLocks for cash drawers so our values are secure.

The OneKEY ecosystem is crucial for our staff. It’s a very secure solution that is very easy to understand. just code the keys at the morning and have access to all aspects in the store. This solution empowers our staff so they have the full concentration for the customer’s needs.

— Lasse Schneider, Head of Retail Consumer Market


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