A Guide to Smarter Retail Security with Smart Locks
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A Comprehensive Guide to InVue’s Smart Lock Solutions

Date: Apr 05 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

A Comprehensive Guide to InVue’s Smart Lock Solutions 

In today’s customer-centric retail environment, efficiency, security, and customer experience are paramount. Traditional locking systems often pose challenges in managing merchandise access, leading to inefficiencies and security concerns. However, with InVue’s innovative Smart Lock Solutions, businesses can revolutionize their and access control and daily operations while enhancing the shopping experience for customers. 

Frictionless Access to Merchandise with Smart Locks 

InVue’s Smart Lock Solutions offer frictionless access to merchandise, streamlining operations today while shaping the future of customer shopping experiences. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, these locks provide seamless access control for both associates and customers. 

OneKEY Access: Simplify Store Management 

Our OneKEY simplifies store management by providing associates with a single key for all locks. This eliminates the hassle of managing multiple keys and ensures efficient operations. Additionally, OneKEY locks require zero maintenance, as they are battery-less, offering unmatched reliability for securing various assets within the store. Because our OneKEY ecosystem can be used with a variety of our products, you can scale your store security and still use just a single key. 

OneKEY Lock Products: 

mKEY (mobile) Access: Ultimate Convenience with Mobile Technology 

For enhanced convenience and flexibility, InVue offers mKEY Access, which allows smart locks to be operated using mobile NFC technology, bluetooth, and QR-scanning technologies. This enables live data tracking and remote access capabilities, providing customers with the ultimate shopping convenience. With mKEY Access, retailers have the flexibility of using their own store-issued devices, another smart mobile device or OneKEY. 

mKEY Lock Products: 

  • LIVE Cam Lock: Ideal for drawers and swing-out doors, accessible via mobile device. 
  • LIVE Plunger Lock: Self-locking protection for sliding bypass doors with existing holes. 
  • LIVE Slider Lock: Unlock using NFC, Bluetooth, or scanning technologies for fast access to glass or wood bypass doors. 

Future-Proof Your Retail Store with InVue Smart Locks 

InVue’s Smart Lock Solutions redefine the landscape of retail security, extending beyond traditional storefronts. Fixture builders in specialty and luxury stores are increasingly incorporating these smart locks to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of their displays, ensuring secure access to valuable merchandise. 

Additionally, stadiums have begun to explore the possibilities of smart locks, enabling customers to retrieve their food orders seamlessly using their own cell phones through advanced scanning technology. By embracing InVue’s innovative solutions, businesses not only optimize operations and bolster security measures but also cater to evolving consumer expectations for convenience and efficiency.

Embrace the future of retail security with InVue’s Smart Lock Solutions today and stay ahead in an ever-evolving retail landscape.