Don’t let empty shelves cost you another sale.


Don’t let empty shelves cost you another sale.

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Don’t let empty shelves cost you another sale.

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Keep your shelves stocked and customers happy.

Take back control of your on-shelf availability with InVue’s OSA Sensor — the quickest, easiest way to see low and out-of-stock events at any time, from anywhere. Bridge the gap between retail audits, gain instant visibility to what's happening in stores, and optimize supply planning on the go with real-time measurements, alerts, and insights from your shelves and hooks.


Track your hero SKUs, instantly.

OSA Sensor sets up in seconds so you can quickly track your most important SKUs from anywhere. Snap onto standard commodity hooks or mount to pegboard back walls and shelves so you can zero in on what matters.


Get real-time alerts when a product is out of stock.

Bridge the gap between physical retail audits with real-time notifications from OSA Sensor. Using the LIVE Display mobile app, associates are notified when a product is out of stock to prompt quick replenishment.



“Since the store is large and handles many products, it’s a big issue to overlook a shortage and miss a sales opportunity. Through the introduction of InVue’s OSA Sensor, we’re aware of shortages in real-time, are able to improve the efficiency of supply operations, and increased sales.”


— Store Manager, DCM


Find confidence in accurate data.

OSA Sensor provides direct scanning every 5 minutes on hanging, shelved, and displayed merchandise. Never second guess your data again.


Reduce operational costs.

Utilize data, insights, and reporting from the LIVE dashboard to understand high-moving SKUs, optimize supply planning and schedule retail audits for essential times or locations.




  • On Shelf Availability Sensor mounts to hanging pegs or shelves
  • Monitors presence of merchandise and alerts to Out of Stocks
  • Data from Sensor can be viewed on LIVE Mobile App or web based LIVE Dashboard
  • Powered by two (2) AA size Lithium Ion Batteries (2-2.5 yr life)
  • Color: White



Technical Specifications OSA Sensor Technical Specifications
Sell Sheets OSA Sensor Overview


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