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Samsung Elevates Their Sales Strategies with InVue’s Modern Wireless Retail Security

Case Studies
Date: Mar 05 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes

InVue, a leading provider of inventive retail security and merchandising solutions, partnered with Samsung to showcase their newly-released products in Samsung FlipSide stores. These pop-up display stores took place across various iconic locations, including Abbot Kinney, Harold Square, Melrose, Williamsburg, and Las Vegas.

Elevating customer experiences and highlighting latest Galaxy Z Fold5, ZFlip5, and Galaxy Watch 6.

Samsung encountered a hurdle in safeguarding the Galaxy Z Fold5, and ZFlip5 as the device’s distinctive features posed challenges for existing market solutions. The foldable design demanded a tailored security product to ensure the devices’ protection without compromising customer accessibility in dynamic pop-up locations.

InVue stepped in with security solutions crafted to seamlessly blend into the event’s interactive ambiance. Beyond merely addressing security concerns, InVue’s custom products infused an additional layer of customer interactivity by incorporating Zone Manager, which controls how far customers can go with devices while interacting completely wire-free. Once a customer leaves the secure zone, it will trigger the alarm. The alarm range can be set for a distance of up to 6 meters (20ft) from the base.

Samsung Flipside Pop-Up – Melrose 

The collaboration between InVue and Samsung at the FlipSide Event proved to be a resounding success. Attendees were not only captivated by the innovative products but also appreciated the secure and interactive display solutions provided by InVue. The event not only generated buzz in the tech and retail communities but also set a new standard for how brands can effectively showcase high-value items in modern and temporary environments.

Samsung Flipside Pop-Up – Abbot Kinney

“InVue’s wireless security options opened a new paradigm for customer experiences, especially for camera functionality. Customers can freely and comfortably position the camera at eye level now which was not possible with wired securities. Taking selfies with a straightened elbow is now possible. This will impact sales. We’ll continue to adopt more wireless solutions.”

Deputy Store Manager, Samsung

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