Largest authorized reseller gets confidence, security, and 50% sales lift with LIVE OnePOD. - InVue
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Largest authorized reseller gets confidence, security, and 50% sales lift with LIVE OnePOD.

Case Studies
Date: Jan 06 2020
Read Time: 3 minutes
This customer is the largest authorized reseller in the United States for the world’s largest telecommunications company.
Customer Experience
Merchandising Execution


InVue helped this authorized reseller address challenges with theft, merchandising, and customer experience in two store locations in the Southeast. Both stores wanted to increase revenue but struggled to create a customer experience that could encourage sales due to theft events. Due to persistent theft, store management and associates were forced to lock down mobile devices or display non-working, dummy devices. This prevented the brand from helping customers learn about new phones in-store, decreasing their chances of closing a sale. One store was also struggling to merchandise their devices correctly. On average, 15% of the positions in the store were missing, unarmed, or unpowered. Due to the current level of theft, stores were forced to do nightly removal, removing the devices from the display and locking them up each night. Maintaining planogram compliance began challenging when they were re-merchandising phones frequently.


Both stores began testing LIVE OnePOD to protect phones, encourage sales, and maintain properly executed positions. Using LIVE OnePOD’s flexible security features, both stores could put liftable, fully working devices on display. If a security threat ever became an issue, associates used LIVE OnePOD’s Panic Button to lock the phones down silently and discreetly in seconds. This instilled confidence in associates and managers to make the devices fully liftable, which was their key strategy to increasing revenue for both locations. In the store location that was struggling with merchandising activities – making sure devices were on, powered, and in the right position– the LIVE Display mobile app helped them see errors in real-time, guide them on where to re-merchandise devices, and use in-app troubleshooting for service issues.


After moving these devices from lockdown to fully liftable product experiences, both stores saw an immediate decrease in theft, increase in sales, and significant improvement in their execution scores. Store 1 increased sales by 17% over the prior six months, had no theft, and maintained a perfect execution score. Store 2 increased sales by 50% in just two months, had no theft, and maintained ≥ 95% execution score.

“Before InVue, my store was chaos. Now I’m the #1 store in my district for sales.

What I think is cool is we’re able to download an app to control LIVE OnePOD. Seeing the different phones whether they are armed or unarmed makes things a lot easier. The individuality of being able to select each phone it’s like they have their own personal security guard… Just having that freedom or that ability is awesome in store.

The LIVE Panic Button gives me and my team confidence regarding how we feel about securing the devices. It allows us to lock down the device.”

— Store Owner