Verizon was one of the first to adopt of the IR ecosystem.
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An early advocate of technology, Verizon was one of the first adopters of the IR ecosystem.

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Date: Jan 07 2019
Read Time: 3 minutes
Verizon Communications Inc. is headquartered in New York, Verizon is a Dow 30 Company and one of the leading wireless carriers in North America, with approximately 1,800 stores.


An early advocate of technology use on the selling floor, Verizon was one of the first adopters of the OneKEY ecosystem. So, when Verizon’s Design Team was tasked with creating a brand new look and feel for their next generation stores, they turned to InVue for the customized security solutions that could help make their next-gen vision a reality — all within Verizon’s tight timeframes.


Verizon had already been using InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem with products including the digital Smart Lock, Cam Lock, Zips and a range of tablet security solutions. When Verizon’s Design Team began creating a new look for the company’s next-gen stores, they visited the InVue Design Center to review the latest innovations and prototypes.

InVue’s Engineering Team was extremely responsive to the Design Team’s needs and challenges throughout the decision-making process, offering ideas, product recommendations, and a range of modification options to fit each store format best. The fact that InVue was a present at Verizon’s store design meetings demonstrates the level of InVue’s investment in the relationship with Verizon.

Together, InVue’s Engineering Team and Verizon’s Design Team were able to come up with just the kind of customized security solutions that Verizon was looking for as a company on the forefront of the latest technology. For example, the Design Team was impressed with the Series 1560 platform but wondered if it could be made smaller and sleeker — yet delivered within their timeframe. InVue’s Engineering Team responded with a Custom Series 1560 display stand made just for Verizon’s next-gen stores, delivered on schedule.

Other personalized innovations included the combination of the Series 2800 below-counter solution with the Series 2800 Low Profile Sensor, suggested by InVue, to attain that clean look that Verizon wanted for its next-gen stores. The finishing touches to the next-gen security overhaul were simply a matter of upgrading Verizon from older products to InVue’s newest solutions, for example, transitioning Verizon to the L430 Smart Locks so that unlocked cabinets will never become an issue on the sales floor.


Verizon embraces the role of early adopter and has never been shy about sharing their successes with this strategy. That strategy is a key aspect of Verizon’s strong partnership with InVue, along with, of course, InVue’s noted product support and customer service. During their headquarters visit, Verizon shared their focus on wearables with InVue’s Engineering Team and offered valuable insight on the InVue J704 Alarming Showcase, further demonstrating the collaborative nature of the two companies’ relationship — and offering an intriguing glimpse at what the future of that relationship might hold.

“InVue’s out-of-the-box thinking and extensive knowledge of our stores allows us the flexibility to create challenging fixtures without worrying about security concerns.”

—Store Manager, Verizon