LEGO™ leverages InVue’s cost-effective and compact NE150. - InVue
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LEGO™ leverages InVue’s cost-effective and compact NE150.

Case Studies
Date: Dec 05 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
LEGO is a Danish educational toy manufacturer with nearly 1,000 stores worldwide and more than 300 stores in China.


LEGO in China has been a valued customer of InVue after utilizing the NE360 for their point of sale solution for the past few years. LEGO is constantly evolving and innovating and needed a solution that provided mobile options for stock checking, line-busting, and membership onboarding. Although the NE360 provided all of these features, LEGO wanted to move forward with a simpler and smaller footprint POS solution. They wanted to have the iPad ready to go and have smoother cable management.


By leveraging InVue’s NE150, LEGO can provide customers with an interactive experience with consumer products in-store. The NE150 has many of the features the NE360C provides, such as 24-hour uninterrupted power supply, fixed-to-mobile options, and innovative design all within a more economical price point.


LEGO has given the NE150 a great deal of approval meeting all requirements and providing more opportunity to expand the solution to other stores.

“To provide customers with a better shopping experience, we use an iPad instead of a traditional checkout method. Having a mobile solution provides many advantages over a traditional register. Our problems with keeping iPads charged, security, and convenience have all been solved since using InVue products. After the launch of the NE150, I can say it is a very good solution. It’s small and very convenient to use!”

— Mr. Wang – Store Manager at LEGO

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