Solutions for Wireless Security

The freedom of a wireless experience.


Engaging, wireless display solutions for phones, tablets and electronic accessories — without sacrificing security.



Stand Tall. Move Freely.

A visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires.

  • Clean, vertical presentation highlights the featured product and encourages customer interaction
  • Wireless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products
  • Manage planogram compliance, experience zones and understand how shoppers interact with your product
  • Configurable security parameters using Zone Manager

OnePOD Wireless

The Ultimate Experience

OnePOD Wireless combines the streamlined visual display presentation of OnePOD with the freedom of wireless to give your customers the ultimate product experience.

  • Sensor combines with any existing OnePOD display and can instantly convert between wireless and stationary security as needed
  • Clean, consistent visual display that encourages customer interaction makes the product the hero, and increases sales
  • Wireless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products
  • Configurable security parameters using Zone Manager

Series 3000

Wireless security. The ultimate customer experience.

  • No cord attached to stand — unrestricted movement
  • Configurable experience zone
  • Pre-alarm when nearing zone limit
security for VR headsets

More of what our customers have to say:


OnePOD Wireless drives customer purchasing decisions

"Innovative and easy for our customers, exactly how we want it."

Wireless technology enables TV and Gaming experiences

“OnePOD Wireless has helped us more effectively present and sell our OLED TV solutions through enabling an authentic user experience with XBOX controllers. Our gaming controllers are always secure, charged and completely mobile, allowing us to work with customers anywhere near the display.”

— In-store LG Representative


OnePOD Wireless offers customers fun, interactive experiences

“OnePOD Wireless is interesting because of it’s flexibility. I can very easily change the planogram or individual positions of the displayed phones, and customers can take them into their hand and view or compare different models without any obstacles.”

— Radek Janicek, Head of Experience Centers


Virgin Mobile steps-up the customer experience with OnePOD Wireless

"Our customer experience with the InVue OnePOD Wireless product is a step-up experience, as customers feel very comfortable taking the tablet to check packages on display."

"It also gives our staff freedom to approach the customer and explain more details on offers and packages. Overall, for both customers and staff, it’s an improved experience which has allowed us to increase the sales of packages.“

— Operations Manager


Discover how InVue’s Wireless Security options can elevate your customer’s experience and increase sales.


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