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Get in The Game: Retail Display Security for Game Consoles and Accessories

Date: Apr 12 2024
Read Time: 6 minutes

Gaming is big business. In 2022, the global video game industry brought in nearly $350 billion in revenue. Video games have given rise to global eSports tournaments, and platforms like Twitchand the debate of PlayStation vs. Xbox is as polarizing as iPhone vs. Android. It’s safe to say gaming consoles, controllers, and all their accessories are a staple for consumer electronics retailers, and a prime target for retail theft.  

Keeping these high-value items safe while ensuring customers get the best in-store shopping experience possible is a challenge for loss prevention departments. Learn the benefits of selling gaming consoles in-store and how to secure gaming products with must-have retail display security solutions. 

Gaming encompasses an ecosystem of merchandise 

Game consoles are extremely high-value items and often very hard to get your hands on. Because there have only been nine generations of game consoles since 1970 (roughly 5 years between releases) the anticipation is very high leading up to release day. Most consumers already know they’re going to buy a new console before it’s released, but that doesn’t stop them from going to their local electronics store to see it live and in color.  

Most consumers will still visit their local Best Buy, Game Stop, or similar retail store to view a product even if they plan on buying it online. For major releases like the PS5, in some instances, store pickup was the only option. Nothing hits quite like seeing that brand new PS5 or Xbox One on the shelf, perfectly backlit like a shiny new diamond ring.  

Gaming consoles themselves aren’t the only products associated with such a large industry. Games, controllers, controller wraps, gaming laptops, headphones, gaming chairs, speaker systems, televisions, VR headsets, hard drives, monitors, the latest televisions, and even special LED lighting make up the gaming ecosystem, and they all need to be protected. Find out how below. 

Retail security devices for all your gaming needs 

Below are retail display security solutions that protect all products, all while giving customers the opportunity to really get in the game. 

Game Consoles – Zips

Consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and now Meta’s VR headsets are big ticket items. Because it takes 50 to 200 engineers multiple years to develop a new console, the aftermarket value for thieves is high; the PS5 was selling online for over double the $499 MSRP leading up to release. With InVue’s Zips, you can enjoy peace of mind and customers can enjoy getting up close with their shiny new purchase.  

Zips are a bespoke security solution that can provide power and alarming protection to devices. Zips consist of an alarm unit or box that can be attached to your display, and an alarming sensor that connects from the alarm unit to the product. The various sensor types accommodate products of all shapes and sizes and adhere directly to the product via a powerful strong adhesive that sounds an alarm when tampered or cut.  

Game Controllers – Zips Flex Sensor 

Our new Zips Flex Sensor is the first sensor designed specifically for contoured or curved merchandise. Customer can pick up controllers and appreciate all its contours without cumbersome security devices that lock it into place. With the 2m cable that attached the alarm to the alarm unit, two customers can go head-to-head in a game right in store to test it out on the big screen.  

Gaming Headsets – Zips All-in-One Headphones 

Another addition to the complete Zips family of secure display products, Zips All-in-One headphones are the perfect choice for robust gaming headsets. A discreet clasp loops around one side of the headset, while still allowing enough cable length for customers to pick up and try on for comfort.  

Gaming Monitors – Laptop AOP 

Latop AOP (alarm on product), is an all-in-one budget-friendly security solution for computer and gaming monitors. Like the name suggests, the alarm adheres directly to the monitor using a powerful non-damaging adhesive that can only be removed using a special tool. Laptop AOP ensures you can keep monitors on the shelf where customers can get up close and not behind lock and key.  

Gaming Laptops – Laptop Lock 

Did you know the most expensive gaming laptops can cost more than $8000? That’s a pretty penny. The powerful processors are worth the price for intensive computer gamers. Laptops are incredibly popular for customers to view in store and get a feel of the size, the weight of the keys, the clarity of the display and much more. They’re also one of the most popular items for retail theft in a consumer electronics store.  

Our Laptop Lock is the best high-theft solution on the market. Its modular design is easy to install, and several laptops can be displayed in proximity for space-saving display design. Because of the small size of the brackets, Laptop Lock doesn’t cover most of the laptop buttons or the screen like other solutions. It also utilizes our patented OneKEY to operate, so store associate can unlock a laptop and interact with a customer in seconds!  

Gaming Chairs – Cable Lock Anchor 

Is your gaming setup truly complete without the best, most ergonomic chair out there? Office and gaming chairs are typically not well secured in a retail environment, are difficult to try in store, and often the display model can’t be sold quickly. With our new Cable Lock Anchor, you can lock and unlock display merchandise in seconds. 

The 2-sided EAS lock features an alarm on each side. One side of the lock anchors to a store fixture and the other anchors to a product. The coiled cable prevents tangles and stretches, making it easy for customers to take a seat and get comfortable. If the display model is the last one you have in stock and you need to sell it, an associate can unlock it quickly with OneKEY. 

Hanging Accessories – Locking Hook & T1000 

For those that like physical games and other cool accessories like figurines or controller wraps, StopLok and T1000 are the perfect protection. For hanging merchandise on pegboards and slatwalls, Locking Hook and T1000 prevent sweeping and keeps items on the shelf.  

Locking Hook requires associate assistance and our OneKEY to unlock (if you’re looking for high-security), while T1000 is a self-service time-delayed dispenser. Customers simply press a button and the T1000 dispenses a single product. This prevents thieves from swiping all the products from a single peg hook in the blink of an eye.  

Unlock your inner gamer with secure display security  

If you think games are just for kids, think again. The average age of gamers today is 34 and more than 53% of households in the US own a gaming console! The average game console buyer isn’t some clueless parent running to get the latest release for their pre-teen; they are informed buyers who know what they’re looking for not only in gaming, but in a complete in-store shopping experience. Security matters and so does service. Balance them effortlessly with InVue. 

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