Security and Merchandising Solutions for Cameras and Laptop Anti-Theft

Promote and protect cameras, DSLRs, camera lenses, and laptops.

Simple, quick to install security solutions for a wide range of products.

Laptop AOP

Universal laptop solution that elevates the customer experience

  • Alarm on product to deter theft

  • Simple installation – no special tools required to install

  • Mounts to flat and curved surfaces

Zips 2.0

Versatile alarming security with a complete set of sensors for any application.

  • Detachable sensor for easy daily removal
  • Roll call feature confirms every position is armed
  • Cord management extension cables
  • 100 db alarm

Series 950 Hidden Lens Sensor

Lens security with quick and easy interchangeability.

  • Designed for brands and retailers with a DSLR lens bar
  • Allows store staff to swap out lenses so customers can try a variety of lenses for a camera while keeping the lens safe and secure
  • Ideal for use with stores that secure high-end camera lenses with Smart Lock or behind locked cabinets

Zips Camera

Excellent protection for both DSLR
and point-and-shoot cameras.

  • Open air cable allows full interaction
  • Red LED indicates system is providing alarming protection
security for cameras on display

Self-serve lens display security.

  • No massive sensors or zip ties get in the way of the customer experience
  • Ideal for stores with limited store staff assistance
  • Quick release with InVue OneKEY for daily removal
  • For use with with Series 2800 or Zips 2.0 alarm units
self-service camera lens security


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