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Sofmap is increasing profits with the OneKEY ecosystem.

Case Studies
Date: Feb 07 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
Sofmap Co., Ltd. Sofmap is a Japanese retailer that sells consumer electronics and has over 21 stores throughout Japan.


Sofmap stores were facing a significant key management problem. The stores have hundreds of cabinets in each location, each with its own key. It was tough and time-consuming for associates to locate the bundle of keys for the given area and then find the key needed to open a given cabinet. There was mounting frustration among associates due to this time-consuming and inefficient manner of unlocking cabinets. In addition, there were many instances of one associate using the bundle of keys to help a customer while another associate was waiting for them to return the keys to help another customer. On top of these operational inefficiencies, approximately 1,000 hours per year were wasted on handling false alarms, taking away precious time needed to service customers and close sales.


InVue’s OneKEY, Smart Locks, Series 2865, and Zips were chosen as the optimal solution for Sofmap stores. These solutions are part of the industry-leading OneKEY ecosystem: the single key solution designed to increase profits. Implementing Smart Locks allowed associates to open any cabinet with ease and speed, making the customer experience faster. The OneKEY empowered all associates to help customers while maintaining security for the Sofmap merchandise quickly.


The OneKEY solution has optimized the workforce and reduced all non-value-added activities, such as hunting for keys and turning off false alarms. Sofmap can now do the same amount of sales with an employee headcount. The implementation of the InVue solution has led to a significant increase in sales and also increased profits.

“We are so pleased with the value InVue products have provided. They transformed our work style – time is no longer spent ‘non value-added activities’ such as looking for the right key or handling false alarms. Our store associates can focus on maximizing customer satisfaction, which has led to increased sales and higher profits.”

— Takeshi Watanabe, CEO, Sofmap Co. Ltd.