Pharmacy, Health & Beauty

Stock, secure and sell essentials.


InVue’s best-in-class solutions make secured essential items available to customers when they need them most.


We work with the world’s top pharmacy, health and beauty brands.


The single key solution that decreases theft, and 
improves customer service and sales.


Improve Customer Service

Empower employees to better serve customers with single key access, reducing wait times in receiving merchandise.

Industry Leading Security

Assign a unique code per store, 12 hour time-out feature for greater protection, and ability to create zones and audit employee use.

In-Store Visibility & Analytics

Monitor, understand and manage associate interactions through retail analytics. Know who did what, where and when.


Keep your customers well serviced. Keep your associates well.


Promote Associate Wellness

Giving every associate a key eliminates key sharing and promotes a safer working environment.


OneKEY Detacher

A convenient merchandise security removal solution. Provides quick detaching and full authorization control for seamless checkout operations and immediate customer service.


Seamless Checkout

Always powered and ready for rapid removal of security at checkout


Multi-detaching for both OneKEY and magnetic solutions offers smooth transition to a single detacher.

Best-in-Class Security

The only detacher with timeout and deauthorization, making it the most secure detacher available.


Hanging & Shelved Merchandise

From innovative dispensers to flexible locking hooks, package wraps and bottle caps, our merchandise display solutions are designed to be easy to use and tough to defeat.



A simple push of a button dispenses one package at a time, and the five second time delay deters thieves.

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A self-service hook that dispenses merchandise with a time delay. It is available in two sizes.

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Locking Hook

The locking collar secures hook to provide a high level of security for hanging merchandise and premium accessories.

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Flexible Locking Hook

Flexible Locking Hooks allow retailers to select the number of “live” and “locked” merchandise items on the hook.

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StopLok is a cost-effective solution that can be used on standard hooks or with the InVue Locking Hook base.

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Merchandise is fully visible and secure in a strong polycarbonate box. Available in eight sizes to fit a variety of products.

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Package Wrap

Secure, open merchandise display to protect a wide range of boxed merchandise. Available in two sizes.

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Bottle Cap

Protects bottled merchandise from theft and on-site consumption and cannot be defeated by magnets. Available in three sizes.

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Cable Lock

Provides quick and easy installation with an audible "chirp" when armed that cannot be defeated by magnets.

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Locked Merchandise in
Cabinets & Display Cases


Fast access to merchandise allows your employees to better service customers and increase sales.



Self-locking protection designed to work with any glass swing out door cabinet. L440 incorporates a self-locking feature that ensures the cabinet is locked when closed.

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Worry-free, self-latching protection for locked cabinet merchandise that can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing furniture.

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Specifically designed for sliding bypass doors, L410 incorporates a self-locking feature that ensures the cabinet is locked when closed.

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Merchandise on Display

Secure protection for a wide range of merchandise. Create dynamic displays with minimal investment and increase your sales.


Zips for Modular Displays

Customizable, flexible and cost effective attachments for select accessories on display.

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Zips Display Case

A flexible solution to display a wide range of smart technology and personal accessories.

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Ideal protection for merchandise on display. Versatility for use anywhere in store.

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Any device. Any payment. Anywhere.

Digitally transform your checkout, wellness clinics and pharmacy areas with flexible mobile and tablet applications. From self-service kiosks to mobile transactions, InVue's Point of Sale solutions reduce customer wait and provide a convenient customer experience.


NE360C Center

The NE360 mobile point of sale system gives you the complete freedom to choose any payment device, handheld, tablet or operating system.

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NE360H Handheld

Mix and match any handheld payment device, or operating system using InVue’s mPOS cases with integrated charging and communications capabilities.

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NE360T Tablet

Mix and match any tablet, payment device, or operating system using InVue’s mPOS cases with integrated charging and communications capabilities.

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Universal tablet stand that provides power, security and mobility for any environment.

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All-in-one kiosk and mobile POS solution to meet your commercial needs. Freestanding out of the box with easy to add card reader device.

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LIVE Access

100% visibility to what’s happening across your store.


LIVE Access empowers store leaders to confidently give every associate their own OneKEY to better service customers, reduce theft, and increase sales. Maintain 100% visibility, control, and management of locked, displayed and sell-through products and turn your disconnected security process into real-time access, managed with confidence.


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