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Apotheek Bollengier enhances customer service with versatile POS stand.

Case Studies
Date: Dec 12 2021
Read Time: 2 minutes

Apotheek Bollengier revolutionized the way the pharmacy operated and enhanced customer service with a versatile POS stand. The NE360C Convertible POS system was designed to streamline processes and enhance customer service.

“This system charges the tablet, secures it in a fixed location but can be quickly disconnected for personal conversations to check out equipment for our customers.”

The system serves as a digital hub for inventory management and order processing, but also serves as a crucial point of interaction for the pharmacy staff and customers.

The tablet, encased in a sleek and secure mPOS case, was strategically placed at the heart of the pharmacy counter. The station not only kept the tablet charged at all times but also secured it in a fixed location, ensuring easy accessibility for the staff.

However, what set this system apart was its adaptability to the personal needs of both the customers and the pharmacy team. In a swift motion, the tablet could be disconnected from its fixed position, allowing for private conversations and personalized assistance.

When a customer required assistance in choosing the right medication or had specific queries about their prescription, the pharmacy staff could quickly disconnect the tablet and engage in a one-on-one conversation without any hindrance. This personalized touch not only improved customer satisfaction but also fostered a sense of trust and rapport between the pharmacy team and their clientele.

Furthermore, the tablet’s versatility extended to the process of checking out equipment. Whether it was medical devices, health monitors, or any other specialized equipment available for rent, the pharmacy team could effortlessly disconnect the tablet to facilitate the smooth transaction of checking out items for their customers.

At Apotheek Bollengier, the integration of this innovative system not only enhanced operational efficiency but also transformed the customer experience. It became a symbol of the pharmacy’s commitment to embracing technology while preserving the essential human touch in healthcare services.