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NE360 mPOS solution boosts customer experience at Skins Cosmetics.

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Date: Dec 06 2021
Read Time: 3 minutes

Skins Cosmetics is a European-based beauty retailer specializing in niche cosmetics brands. Since 2000, Skins Cosmetics has grown to include 20 locations worldwide selling over 70 different brands. Skins directly sources their products, cutting out the middleman so shoppers get fair prices in a store that is designed to be welcoming and make you feel right at home.

Health & beauty retail designed with you in mind

Skins Cosmetics values keeping things flexible for their loyal customer base. In brick and mortal retail, customer service is king and they truly shine when it comes to authentic customer service and making a visit not only less stressful, but enjoyable. Instead of beating around the bush, they buy straight from the brands, giving shoppers pricing that isn’t unnecessarily inflated. To create a space that feels less like a traditional store and more like a calming oasis —they’re all about keeping things sleek and streamlined by cutting out bulky registers that block valuable retail space.

Enhancing employee-customer interaction through mobile technology

The niche beauty retailer has smoothly integrated the NE360C into its daily operations, using the convertible payment centers as both hubs of information and mobile cash registers. Especially during high-traffic seasons like Christmas, this mobile checkout setup has been a complete game-changer. Customers can now pay anywhere in the store avoiding long queues that can turn shoppers away.

But these tablets aren’t just for ringing up purchases; they significantly enhance customer-staff interactions. Store associates are empowered to effectively assist shoppers, effortlessly checking stock levels, and offering tailored recommendations throughout their browsing journey. The implementation of a “digital basket” enables staff to seamlessly add items to customers’ carts in real-time, streamlining the shopping experience. If an associate or customer finds an item out of stock, associates can act quickly by ordering the item for delivery or pickup at a customer’s preferred location.

Giving customers the power to choose

By bringing in InVue’s technology, Skins Cosmetics isn’t just making things smoother behind the scenes—it’s giving customers more options and convenience. Whether they’re buying a rare perfume in store, asking for advice, or placing an order, Skins Cosmetics stands out in the cosmetics game with its tech-savvy approach.

To sum up, Skins Cosmetics shows us how being adaptable and using technology can completely change the retail game. They’re all about putting customers first and making sure every shopping trip is awesome with the help of InVue, setting the bar high in the cosmetics world.

“It’s a flexible method that avoids unnecessarily delaying customers… there is no huge cash register taking up precious space, where we prefer to showcase our brands and products.”

“Tablets that act as sources of information and mobile cash registers are hugely valuable, particularly during busy periods like Christmas. Cash registers no longer need to be located in a single location so a queue forms. Customers can pay anywhere, while our staff can accompany and advise them, and even put products in a digital basket, if necessary. When products are out of stock, orders can immediately be placed via the tablet for home delivery or for collection at a boutique of the customer’s choice.”

— Process & Implementation Manager at Skins Cosmetics