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Trony simplifies the customer’s key management process by installing the OneKEY ecosystem™.

Case Studies
Date: Jul 06 2023
Read Time: 1 minute
Trony: A Milano-based company founded in 1996, sells consumer products and electronics in-store and online.


Before InVue, Trony was using traditional locks and multiple alarm systems. Managing multiple keys became inefficient because their staff wasted too much time looking for the right ones.


Retail Project, InVue’s trusted partner and reseller, addressed the customer’s problems by installing the OneKEY ecosystem, eliminating the use of multiple keys. By leveraging LIVE Access and LIVE Display, Trony can now track in-store operations and customer engagement with products, streamlining the sales process and enhancing the shopping experience.

“What still distinguishes physical stores from online stores today is the touch and feel of the products. When defining the layouts of our stores, we always strive to enhance this aspect. This is possible thanks to the solutions proposed by InVue and Retail Project.”

“InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem is easy to use and configure thanks to the online platform. It also solves the problem of utilizing numerous traditional keys. Additionally, the products are perfectly alarmed and are completely free from any cumbersome security system. This allows us to guarantee a customer experience of the highest level.”

— Davide Ruggeri – Category Manager, Trony