How Mii Achieved Retail Security and a Uniform Store Aesthetic
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How Mii Achieved Retail Security and a Uniform Store Aesthetic

Case Studies
Date: Jun 24 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

For nearly ten years, Mi Búðin (pronounced ‘Mee booth-in,’ which translates to Mi Store) has been a prominent player in Iceland’s consumer electronics landscape. Specializing in a comprehensive array of products from Xiaomi, a global leader in consumer electronics manufacturing, they also offer items from affiliated brands such as Roborock, Aqara, Yeelight, Dreame, and XGIMI. Despite Xiaomi’s status as a “lesser-known” brand in some markets, Mi Búðin has distinguished itself by prioritizing exceptional customer service, comprehensive after-sales support, and a visually appealing retail environment. These efforts are aimed at fostering trust and confidence among their customers, ensuring a seamless experience with every interaction.

The Challenge

Mi Búðin grappled with weekly cases of retail theft, especially during peak shopping seasons like the holidays. Before discovering InVue, they lacked effective security measures altogether. The retailer needed stands for their devices that not only protected and showcased them attractively but also offered charging capabilities. Managing phone charging throughout the day, rearranging displays after customer interactions, and securing devices at night was a cumbersome and inefficient process for store staff.

The Solution

Örvar Blær Guðmundsson and Selma Árnadóttir

Aspire, InVue’s regional partner, played a pivotal role in providing tailored retail security solutions for Mi Búðin. Before partnering for InVue distribution, Aspire’s representative, Alastair Kent, had built a longstanding relationship with Örvar Blær Guðmundsson, CEO of Mi Búðin, and Selma Árnadóttir, both owners of the company. This foundation of genuine friendship and trust allowed Kent to customize solutions precisely to Mi Búðin’s needs. With Kent’s unwavering confidence in InVue’s retail security devices, Örvar and Selma were assured they were receiving the top-tier products available in the market.

OneKEY ecosystem: With OneKEY, Mi Búðin can now use a single key to secure all merchandise and manage access to their smartphones and other electronic devices.

OnePOD: This solution allows Mi Búðin to secure phones, tablets, cameras, and other electronics to display tables, enhancing aesthetics while ensuring devices remained charged for customer interaction.

Cable Lock: Mi Búðin utilizes the alarming cable lock to secure electric scooters, safeguarding them against theft.

Zips: InVue’s Zips provides flexible security for Connected Home devices and small accessories on display. The convenience of Zips streamlined remerchandising efforts while keeping devices charged and easily accessible to customers.

The Result

Since integrating InVue products upon relocating the store, Mi Búðin has seen a remarkable outcome: zero theft incidents. InVue’s efficacy was put to the test during a burglary attempt, where a would-be thief tried to steal electronics by cutting the security cable. However, the thief’s efforts were thwarted, and he abandoned the endeavor. Örvar Blær Guðmundsson recalls the incident, stating, “He couldn’t remove the product from the security system. In fact, they broke the display table itself trying to rip off the OnePODs, but the phones were still secure. We’ve experienced no theft of phones, watches, or any other items secured by the system, none at all!” As we all get a good laugh from the recounting of the theft attempt, Kent adds, “It’s InVue, of course it will be secure!”

Guðmundsson further notes that customers have been impressed with the store’s overall appearance. Particularly noteworthy is the absence of cables or wires, contributing to the shop’s clean aesthetic. This uniformity allows the products to truly shine.

In addition to the security benefits, Mi Búðin’s store associates have experienced significant time savings with the introduction of the OneKEY system. Guðmundsson highlighted the system’s ease of use, stating, “When something functions as intended, no one complains.” With low maintenance solutions from InVue, Mi Búðin can focus on selling.


InVue’s partnership with Aspire and Mi Búðin and the utilization of our cutting-edge security solutions have not only tackled theft challenges but also enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction. This case highlights the significant advantages of cultivating trusted partnerships and investing in customized security solutions for retail businesses.

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