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Samsung’s Flip Side Takeover: A Pop-Up Success with Innovative Marketing and InVue 

Case Studies
Date: May 20 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

Client: Innovative Marketing Solutions & Samsung 

Innovative Marketing Solutions, renowned for its creative strategies and rapid deployment capabilities, was tasked with orchestrating Samsung’s “Flip Takeover” pop-up series across iconic U.S. cities like Melrose and Williamsburg. The goal was to engage multiple generations around Samsung’s latest flip devices, by blending thoughtfully curated motifs with immersive designs. Simultaneously, the team had to ensure reliable security that would not only protect the merchandise but pull customers in to connect with each other and the products.  


Launch a series of pop-ups for one of the world’s largest telco brands in a matter of weeks. Although Samsung displayed its brand-new foldable devices, the focus was boosting engagement with cultural themes that would resonate with consumers across multiple generations. In addition to booking influencers, scouting locations, and building out these experiences with lightning speed, Innovative Marketing needed a security retailer that could supply retail security and support within a tight deadline. Additionally, the devices still needed to be protected from theft, but free enough for visitors to pick them up, engage, take selfies, and have a truly immersive experience. 


Executive Director of Strategy and Innovative Marketing at Innovative Marketing, Elisabeth Hays, leveraged her longstanding partnership with InVue, known for their industry-leading wireless security solutions, to address the need for agile and reliable security that could be integrated seamlessly into the event design. Elisabeth said she continuously recommends InVue, not only for our industry-leading product lines, but also for our continued support and easy-to-install instructions (a must-have for pop-ups that are set up and dismantled on the fly). Bulky solutions that required extensive wiring just wouldn’t do. 

After working together for over a decade, Elisabeth knew InVue was her first choice based on her past positive experiences. “InVue has always been my recommended and preferred security solution,” says Elisabeth. “For devices like the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5, it was important to lose the tethers and go wireless for a truly authentic experience, and InVue did that for us with the S3100V.” 

InVue’s wireless security solutions were seamlessly incorporated into the design of the Flip Side pop-ups, allowing for a smooth and immersive retail experience without compromising on security. Ruth Jordan, InVue’s Key Account Manager, worked closely with Elisabeth, her team, and Samsung to ensure that the products fit seamlessly into the design concept and were installed efficiently. 

In addition to providing continued support throughout the building process, Hays leveraged InVue’s versatile product line to enhance the functionality of the pop-up spaces. From OnePODs to innovative solutions for arcade games, InVue’s products added an extra layer of engagement to the Flip Side experience. 

Results: Innovative Marketing achieves a big win with Samsung Flip Takeover

Innovative Marketing, together with InVue, orchestrated the Samsung Flip Takeover pop-up events with strategic precision, achieving significant success. It was a massive hit with Gen Z and Millennials who took to social media to share the fun, the products, and their experiences! The primary goal was to engage authentically with diverse communities and the generations would share their lives via social media, and they did not disappoint.  

The results of the campaign not only met but exceeded the engagement goals set by Samsung. The success of the Flip Side events, and demanding work completed by Innovative Marketing was further acknowledged with a Gold Design Award for Best Brand Activation 2024 from the Shop! Association. The pop-up stores attracted significant attention and created a buzz across social media platforms, largely driven by strategic influencer collaborations and very real and organic community interactions. 

“We are grateful for the opportunity to bring Samsung’s vision to life, and so thankful to be working with the best security provider in the biz to make it happen.” – Elisabeth Hays, Executive Director of Strategy and Innovative Marketing, Innovative Marketing 

The success of the Flip Takeover project underscored the importance of collaboration and innovation in retail activations. By partnering with InVue, Innovative Marketing and Samsung were able to create memorable experiences that resonated with audiences across diverse communities from K-Pop to skate culture, setting a new standard for the future of pop-up and in-store retail experiences.