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Expert Link, a new concept store leverages InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem™.

Case Studies
Date: Jun 06 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
Expert Link:  Expert Link is a new concept store opened in Bolzano, Italy, combining online and offline purchasing options for consumer products at the same price point.


Expert Link has been a valued customer of InVue for some time, with Expert Link – Girtler being the latest branch to open in Bolzano, Italy as a new concept store. They were looking for security solutions that allow for hands-on, immersive customer interactions while also maintaining security. Expert Link also needed security solutions that could be unlocked quickly by associates for demonstration and sales purposes.


By leveraging InVue’s OnePOD, IR4, Smartlocks, Laptop Lock, and modular Zips, Expert Link can provide customers with an interactive experience with consumer products in-store. With InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem, Expert Link has sped up the demonstration of the products to customers. Stefano Girtler, Owner of the Expert Link location in Bolzano, Italy says, “investing in a quality product allows you to save, especially in terms of theft and maintenance.”

“We chose InVue because it is a quality brand that covers our needs in terms of security. InVue’s solutions give us the ability to provide customers with free-touch products, guaranteeing maximum safety of our products.”

— Stefano Girtler – Store Owner