InVue Helps Indian Retailer Bharath Electronics Increase Sales
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From Display to Discovery: InVue Helps Bharath Electronics and Appliances Increase Sales

Case Studies
Date: May 29 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes

Bharath Electronics and Appliances (BEA), a prominent consumer electronics retailer in South India, operates 25 showrooms across Tamil Nadu. The retailer is dedicated to providing an excellent shopping experience and high-quality products to its customers. However, they faced significant challenges in demonstrating their products effectively.


Previously, Bharath Electronics and Appliances faced the following issues in their showrooms:

1. Limited Product Interaction: Demo devices were placed behind glass cabinets, which restricted customer interaction. Sales associates could only showcase products upon customer request, limiting the opportunity for spontaneous exploration and discovery.

2. Inability to Demonstrate Live Watches: The retailer could not provide live demonstrations of smartwatches, impacting their ability to showcase the full functionality and appeal of these devices.


To address these challenges, Bharath Electronics and Appliances implemented InVue solutions:

1. S960: This solution enabled all demo devices to be live and secure, allowing customers to interact freely with the products. The secondary port of the S960 was used to secure and display smartwatches, enabling live demonstrations.

2. OneKEY: Simplified security management for the sales associates, allowing them to quickly access and manage the demo devices, enhancing operational efficiency and customer service.

3. WS2 Recoiler: Provided additional security and ease of use, ensuring that the devices remained secure while allowing customers to handle them freely.


The implementation of InVue solutions led to significant improvements for Bharath Electronics and Appliances:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: With demo devices live and accessible, customers could freely interact with the products. This hands-on experience enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enhanced Sales Performance: The ability to showcase live smartwatches alongside phones using the S960’s cross-merchandising capability boosted sales. R. Raja Ravichandran, Managing Director of Bharath Electronics and Appliances, commented, “We are delighted with the cross merchandising ability of InVue mobile PODs, where we can securely display the smartwatches also. Now our associates can sell more phones, and the attach ratio of the watches has gone up significantly.”
  • Operational Efficiency: The OneKEY system streamlined the process of managing and securing demo devices, making it easier for associates to focus on customer service and sales.

By leveraging InVue’s S960, OneKEY, and WS2 recoiler solutions, Bharath Electronics and Appliances transformed their showrooms into interactive spaces that not only enhanced the customer experience but also drove significant sales growth.