InVue Stops Magnetic Theft for European Sporting Goods Retailer AS Adventure
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Enhancing Product Interaction in Sporting Goods Stores with AS Adventure

Case Studies
Date: Jun 07 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

A.S. Adventure, a premier European retailer specializing in outdoor equipment and apparel, faced significant challenges in securing their merchandise. With stores across various locations, A.S. Adventure is dedicated to providing high-quality products and a superior shopping experience to outdoor enthusiasts.


A.S. Adventure encountered two major issues in their retail operations:

1. Magnetic Theft: The store experienced frequent incidents of magnetic theft, leading to significant losses. Traditional security measures were not effective in preventing thieves from bypassing locks using strong magnets.

2. Operational Inefficiency: Managing multiple keys for securing merchandise in cabinets resulted in long wait times for customers. Store associates struggled with the inconvenience and inefficiency of handling numerous keys, which hindered their ability to provide prompt and effective customer service.


To address these challenges, A.S. Adventure implemented a range of InVue solutions, including Cable Lock, Smart Locks, and IR Safers:

1. IR Safers: These were the first InVue products introduced to A.S. Adventure. Designed to prevent magnetic theft, the IR Safers securely encased high-value items, ensuring that only authorized personnel could access them. This innovation immediately eliminated incidents of magnetic theft.

2. Cable Lock: Building on the success of the IR Safers, A.S. Adventure adopted InVue’s Cable Locks to secure additional merchandise. These locks provided robust security for items that were previously vulnerable to theft, delivering the same outstanding results.

3. Smart Locks: To streamline operations, A.S. Adventure implemented InVue’s Smart Locks. These locks allowed store associates to access secured merchandise quickly and efficiently with a single key, significantly reducing the wait times for customers and enhancing the overall shopping experience.


The integration of InVue solutions at A.S. Adventure led to substantial improvements in both security and operational efficiency:

  • Elimination of Magnetic Theft: The introduction of IR Safers successfully eradicated magnetic theft. A.S. Adventure no longer faced losses from this type of theft, leading to improved inventory control and profitability.
  • Enhanced Merchandise Protection: The deployment of Cable Locks provided comprehensive security for a broader range of products, ensuring that all valuable items were adequately protected.
  • Operational Efficiency: The Smart Locks system streamlined the process of accessing secured merchandise. Wannes Kerckhofs, Store Manager at A.S. Adventure, remarked, “InVue’s solutions make our lives so much easier.” The single-key access system significantly reduced wait times, allowing associates to assist customers more promptly and effectively.

By adopting InVue’s innovative security solutions, A.S. Adventure not only enhanced the protection of their merchandise but also improved the efficiency of their store operations. This comprehensive approach to security and customer service has enabled A.S. Adventure to maintain its commitment to providing an exceptional shopping experience for outdoor enthusiasts.