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Transforming Amac Store Operations With a Single-Key System 

Case Studies
Date: Mar 18 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

OneKEY that we can use to open everything.  

As a leading Apple Premium Partner, Amac has always sought innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement within their retail environments. Prior to the introduction of the InVue OneKEY ecosystem, the team faced significant challenges managing an extensive set of physical keys, which detracted from their primary goal of providing exceptional service to every customer. 


With over 50 stores in the Netherlands, Amac’s primary challenge was the inefficient key management system, which required staff members to manage and search for the right key among a multitude of options to access different products or display units. This not only consumed valuable time but also hindered the staff’s ability to remain engaged with customers, ultimately impacting the overall service quality and customer experience. 


After a successful initial test of the One65 product, the Apple Premium Reseller decided to implement the entire OneKEY ecosystem across their operations. The OneKEY system offers a versatile and secure way to manage access to displayed merchandise, with a single-key solution that works across various locks and security devices. 


With the full support of InVue, the implementation process was seamless. The staff received comprehensive training on using the OneKEY system, ensuring a smooth transition from traditional keys. The new ecosystem not only simplified operations but also aligned with the store’s modern and innovative image. 


The introduction of OneKEY has transformed the retail experience for both customers and staff. According to Roelof de Rijk, the CCO—Sales Director, “The InVue OneKEY has made it easy to stay engaged with our customers and provide better overall service because we’re not spending time searching for the right key.” Tessa Scholtmeijer, a Medior Sales Advisor, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the efficiency and ease brought about by OneKEY. 

The staff’s excitement about the new system was palpable, as it eliminated the cumbersome management of a significant number of keys, streamlining operations and allowing more time for customer interaction. This has not only improved service quality but also enhanced the overall customer experience, fostering a more engaging and interactive shopping environment. 

The adoption of InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem by Amac marks a significant step forward in retail innovation. It showcases how leveraging technology can solve traditional challenges, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. 

Many of our customers experience similar experiences after upgrading to our OneKEY ecosystem.  The transformative impact of the OneKEY system on retail operations is setting a benchmark for other retailers to follow. Are you ready to experience the difference? Contact our team today to get the conversation started.