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Samsung Goes No Strings Attached with Wireless Retail Display Security

Date: Apr 12 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

It’s no secret that wireless technology has changed the world. The invention of WiFi in 1997 revolutionized the way we do, well, everything. In addition to staying connected, we’ve used wireless technologies to create some of the strangest smart devices, from Bluetooth enabled litter boxes to “smart” deodorant. But when it comes to securing merchandise in retail stores, many loss prevention techniques include locks, keys, and tethering items down.  

Secured items are at a minimized risk of theft, but what does that mean for trusted shoppers? A lackluster in-store experience. Can we make retail security wireless? Yes! Find out how Samsung, one of the world’s largest retailers, used it to unlock endless possibilities. 

A wireless retail security device that put the “pop” in “pop-up” 

In 2023, Samsung announced it would be hosting Samsung Galaxy Flip Sidea series of interactive pop-ups in major cities around the globe where customer could see and interact with new and exclusive merch. As the name suggests, pop-ups come and go quickly, meaning set up and take down needed to be a breeze. Constantly having to install semi-permanent fixtures with wired security for smartphones and smartwatches would increase the time it took to set up and disassemble the pop-ups. But more importantly, it would also stop customers from having a truly immersive experience. 

Looking for a way to balance security with easy installation and an immersive customer experience, Samsung opted for a wireless solution from InVue to showcase their new smartphones and cameras. The S3100V is a completely wireless anti-theft display stand for smartphones that gives customers free range to fully experience everything the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold 5 smartphones have to offer. 

How does a wireless phone display stop theft? 

The wireless S3100V consists of a sensor and a stand. The small design of the sensor attaches to the smartphone via the charging port. The sensor allows customers to move freely throughout a specified area, or pop-up store, without being tied to a cable. When the phone is placed back inside the dock, it will continue to charge, ensuring devices are ready and powered for shoppers.  

Just because there’s no string attached doesn’t mean you lose security. The sensor is alarming and sends signals to an alarm node that can be placed anywhere in the store. Using our Zone Manager, you can set an “invisible line” of how far customers can travel with the device before the alarm is activated. You can set the range for up to 20 feet! More than enough space to walk around, take a few pictures, and get a real feel for the device.  

The wireless capability of the S3100V is also great for cross merchandising products. For instance, Jane can take the new Galaxy ZFlip5 she’s looking at to another part of the store to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker or smartwatch that would otherwise be out of range with cables and wires.  

For Samsung, wireless was a success!

The Deputy Store Manager at Samsung deemed wireless security a win for Samsung Flip Side events, saying, “InVue’s wireless security options opened a new paradigm for customer experiences, especially for camera functionality. Customers can freely and comfortably position the camera at eye level now, which was not possible with wired securities.” 

Cameras can make or break a smartphone sale. With most smartphone companies racing to have the best camera quality possible, Samsung noted, “Taking selfies with a straightened elbow is now possible. This will impact sales. We’ll continue to adopt more wireless solutions!” 

Samsung’s adoption of wireless security has transformed its retail landscape, enhancing both security and customer experience. By using innovative solutions like the S3100V, Samsung has created an environment where customers can freely interact with products, fostering engagement and satisfaction.  

Interested in learning about how InVue can help your brand go wireless? Contact us today to get the conversation started.